Dropshipping in 2022: Top 10 Ecommerce Marketplace Platforms for Your Product

Drop shipping in 2022: Top 10 Ecommerce Marketplace Platforms for Your Product

In the year 2020, the value of drop shipping e-commerce was $128.6 million in the USA. In the next few years, it is estimated to grow to $U. S 476.1 million. If you have an online business that cannot afford to pay for inventory, start with a drop shipping business. There are plenty of online e-commerce portals that offer the drop shipping method.

Drop shipping caters to delivering products directly to the sellers without worrying about anything. In drop shipping, the supplier handles shipping, sales, and talking to the customers. It has become largely popular over the years and is growing exponentially.

A drop shipping platform takes care of the e-commerce sales. Each step is looked after by them.

dropshipping model

How To Choose a Platform for Drop shipping?

Choosing a platform for drop shipping is a critical step. You have to take notes of many things before going into the final phase. If you know about the products it can be easier to choose a platform. Be sure that the supplier you are choosing sells products of high-quality and are verified.

  • Research – it is the first step into everything. Do a market survey, talk to the suppliers and get an idea on how they work. For an added tip check out their reviews and testimonials. If you are going for an international drop shipping business make sure they cater to local and international clients. 
  • Check Samples – Before shaking hands with the platform or with the suppliers, you need to test. Ask the platform to allow you to have a look at their services. Test the quality of their service, packaging, and delivery. These can be determining factors in choosing the right platform.

Choose From Your Industry – Have a thorough search and see what your competitors are working with. You can join them, and get an idea of how things work for them.


The global estimated market of drop shipping in 2020 to 2026 

Source: Statista

The Top 10 E-Commerce Platforms for Drop shipping in 2022



In this of top 10 eCommerce marketplace is eWolrdTrade is at number 1. They have made it to the top of the list because of their integrity and credibility. It is a worldwide acknowledged platform that are working for over a decade. The decade of their progress is always appreciated that’s why they are one of the fastest-growing businesses.

eWorldTrade has verified and established manufacturers and suppliers from around the globe. They have integrated multiple payment methods catering to every business. So, if you are for authentic solid drop shipping eWorldTrade can be a great choice. Consult with them and have a hassle-free business experience.



Amazon started as a B2C platform, but they have moved their platform and added an extension to it. Amazon business is an e-Commerce platform. It is selected among the top 10 e-Commerce marketplaces because of its high potential. In their B2B marketplace, they have integrated a drop shipping method. They have defined their policy, where you need a record of the seller.

The shipping has to be delivered to the customers within the promised time. Identify and give full information about yourself (seller) on the payment slip and packaging, in case of return of products the seller is responsible for that. It is important to abide by these rules of Amazon or otherwise, the seller can lose the privilege.

Dropship Clothes


Dropship clothing is a leading fashion apparel business in Europe. In real words, it can be said that it is a fashion hub. They have experienced workers who are great at what they do. there you can find all kinds of women's clothing pieces. They have international manufacturers and marketers of drop shipping from 130 countries.

They welcome everyone on their platform for a mutual benefit exchange. They have a seamless website where it is easy to shop. With multiple payment options, they allow the dropship to work with them.

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Catalog Favorites 


It’s a popularly used directory where you can find ample products from anywhere in the world. It can help in investing in a business without worrying about buying an inventory. It is easy to invest in this platform, because of its fees. It is a web portal where there are catalogs available for easy access to products.

The catalogs can be browsed no matter what type of business and model you are running. The drop shipping methods benefit the customers to get their hands on the products in a short time.




PlusBuyer is one of the best wholesalers drop shipping platforms that deals in electronic appliances. They have a wide range of digital gadgets, digital products and gifts. They are a reasonable marketplace that sells their products from China and are internationally recognized

They charge a certain payment for the drop shipping. The prices are not mentioned on their platform. But they have integrated invoices and double check the accounts.



Alibaba is an all-rounder B2B marketplace, where you can find anything. Alibaba offers its drop-shipping to almost everywhere, especially the U.K. They have an unlimited list of suppliers and access to a global trade program. You can invest in Alibaba and its extensions and face similar positive results.

Alibaba has been a top choice for businesses to join for better results and cost-effective processes. Drop-shipping or any kind of business is expanding by using Alibaba.



eBay is one of the world's top 10 ecommerce marketplaces. It has been working impressively in the business for many years, and is expanding. eBay is an international e-commerce marketplace that is appreciated for a wide variety of products. They have verified suppliers and manufacturers too.

eBay's drop shipping policy clearly explains their rules and restrictions. eBay askes the suppliers to send the products to the buyers within 30 days. The suppliers are responsible for delivering products in fine quality; in case of any tempering the supplier is stated to be responsible.




Megagoods is an American based company that distributes electronics and video games with a specific concentration of dropship methods. They have a highly efficient and dedicated team that works to meet the requirements of their clients.

It may not have a high-profile product catalog, but it has an inventory of over 2000 products. They offer free 30 days trials to their clients and have cost-effective rates. The trial is a bonus as it is not necessary to commit with the supplier. If you start to use the platform it costs $14.00/month. In their bonus services, they offer free shipping on specific products.




It is a global and trustworthy place for drop shippers and wholesalers. It is an online wholesale directory where you can connect with over 2.5 million products and above 8000 suppliers. So, it is the place where you can start your drop shipping business.  SaleHoo has a full-fledged directory. There are trustworthy suppliers that are verified by the platform. In the directory, you can find incredible products and suppliers.

Their other domains are SaleHoo Dropship and SaleHoo educate. The supplier can take a long distance to deliver the products without complaining about the distance. They have a minimum cost and you can negotiate with them for prices. SaleHoo also offers exclusive sales and deals for their members.



AliExpress is a multipurpose platform that handles the B2B market and is now the drop shipping method. It is an extension of Alibaba that has been working in the industry for decades. You can have access to thousands of products from here and choose a suitable shipping method. AliExpress has an inexpensive source of products with a white-label package.


Fulfillbot logo

FulfillBot is a China sourcing agent and dropshipping agent. Their mission is to provide a comprehensive suite of services that streamline the entire supply chain process, enabling clients to focus on growing their businesses without the hassle of procurement and logistics. Their core services include sourcing products, conducting rigorous quality checks, and efficiently shipping orders on behalf of our clients, ensuring that they can provide their customers with high-quality products and a seamless shopping experience.

Benefits Of Using a Dropship Platform

Drop shipping is a great business model to incorporate into any business. Now, it has become a fulfillment model for nearly 33% of online stores. It has many benefits that you may not know. Let’s delve into some drop shipping benefits for products.

  • In drop shipping, you don’t have to worry about paying for inventory. One can easily start their business without worrying about this expense. Here a business only has to pay for tax and business construction costs.
  • A business starter can have a lot of benefits from this. They don’t have to worry and instantly start with drop shipping. They simply need to find a supplier, have a website, and can start selling.
  • It can work anywhere and at any time you want. When there are no restrictions for inventory, it becomes easy to run a business remotely. It only requires a computer and an internet connection.
  • There are lesser risks in opting for drop shipping. There is not a lot at stake and there are no business investments involved. so, when there are low sales, you are not losing anything.
  • The drop shipping supplier handles everything and you don’t have to worry about any calculation, ordering, and packaging. Here the supplier manages everything from start to end.


There are ample e-commerce platforms for a business to sell their products. Opting for the drop shipping method; is a unique idea but choosing a platform could be daunting. Of the overhead list, the list is a big gift for you. The list can help you in choosing, and evaluating the best marketplace for your business.

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