How Cross-Border Shipping helps to expand your Business

How Cross-Border Shipping helps to expand your Business

how crossborder shipping helps to expend your business

Benefits of Cross-border shipping

1. Expand customer base

With the help of cross-border shipping, you cannot only trade in the local British Columbia market, but expand your customer base all across the globe. A merchant can choose a new market for its products based on the factors of alternative products available, pricing, promotions, consumer behavior, and shipping options. With an increased market size, you can pay more focus on your manufacturing and research and development to increase your product demand in the overseas market. 

2. Convenience

The traditional shipping method can be difficult for both the trader and the customer. As the shipping process is lengthy, and the trader cannot keep a track of the products being delivered to the customer, it is inconvenient. Whereas, cross-border shipping allows the merchant to have complete information about the track of the goods. Moreover, the cross-border shipping companies in British Columbia have professional knowledge of the routes, ports, and docks of British Columbia which can make the procedure easy and secure. It is also convenient for the customers as it makes their purchase and delivery easier with one click. 

3. Flexible

Shipping companies in British Columbia provide great flexibility to merchants as well as customers. The merchants can have customers apart from the British market without bearing the burden of controlling the shipping procedure. Whereas, the customers get a wide variety of options from the markets all over the world, rather than just the local British market. It is sometimes cheaper for the customers to ship a product overseas than the regular supply chain of the local market. 

4. Cut in inventory cost

Unlike regular shipping, the products shipped by cross-border shipping services do not require to be stored in a warehouse of the destination country. This helps to make the procedure smooth and efficient, thereby reducing the cost for the merchant. As the goods are not to be stored in warehouses for a long time, it also reduces the cost of extra packaging. Moreover, the companies with cross-border shipping services in British Columbia provide cost-efficient services with the safety of your products from being lost. 

5. Lesser chance of delays

One of the most often made complaints by a customer is the delay in receiving the order. However, with cross-border shipping, you can cut the time of warehouse storage and make the process faster. The customer also has the facility to track their orders and can be aware of the expected delivery. Furthermore, the order is delivered at the customer’s doorsteps, making it convenient, unlike the postal shipping services. Cross-border shipping helps merchants to deal with customer satisfaction making more customers. 

6. Fight competition 

If the product you are selling has immense competition in the local market, you can use cross-border shipping to sell your product in a different area. You can find a market where the specific product is unavailable or available at low quality or high price. You can reach the consumers of such areas and just not rely on the local market with the help of cross-border shipping. It also helps to promote cross-border e-commerce of your brand. 

7. Entire year trade

Merchants dealing in seasonal products cannot rely on a single market. They need to keep their business working the entire year. Cross-border shipping enables merchants to sell their products online across different countries. Therefore, during the off-season, a merchant can sell his goods in different countries that require the goods at that particular period. 

8. Scope for a different range of products

Every country and its markets have different requirements. The customer behavior and taste vary from place to place. It is not necessary that the product you sell works in a different market. Therefore, you can add a new range of products of your brand as per new requirements of overseas customers. Having a wide range of products attracts new customers all over the world. 

9. Managing risk and losses

Sometimes unforeseen events or crisis can affect a particular market. Businesses do face risk and fear of losses at such times. Cross-border shipping allows the merchants to expand their market with geographic diversification. It allows a merchant to set off his or her risk and losses by selling its products in a new market until their local market recovers. In this way, a merchant can avoid depending on a particular market and explore other markets in different areas, thereby growing its business. 

10. Increase reach to e-commerce sites

In this time of pandemic when social distancing has become a necessity, consumers come online to shop. E-commerce sites invite consumers all across the globe. As per research, it is found that many brands have seen more international e-commerce traffic during this pandemic. A business can increase its reach further in the international market by making the following facilities in their e-commerce site– the price displayed in local currency, several local payment methods, and the exact amount of taxes and duties applicable, international shipping options available and return policy. These help the customers with a better shopping experience overseas online. Once you create high demand for your product internationally, cross-border shipping helps with the easy delivery of your products to your customers. 

11. All over business growth

Cross-border shipping opens your business to international markets with a huge customer base. New customer requirements lead to the enhancement of the quality and quantity of products through research and development. Business owners try to establish their brand name worldwide, which leads to improvement and growth all over the business. 

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Paperwork formalities for cross-border trucking in British Columbia

These are the following documents the cross-border road transport company in British Columbia will need before crossing the Canadian border- 

Bill of Landing

It is a document that contains various information like a listing of items included in the shipment, address of the destination of the shipment, contact information of the sender and receivers, and the weight and size of each product contained in the shipment. 

Certificate of Origin

It is a document of proof of the origin of the goods from where it is being shipped. Based on this document, the customs duty is calculated applicable between the countries. Therefore, it is very important to present this document while crossing the border. 

Packing Slip

The document provides information about the product in the shipment. Details of the date of order, the product included in the order, and its quantity are mentioned in the packing slip. It is generally attached to the shipping package inside the package. It is also known as a waybill, a bill of the parcel, or a shipping list. 

Commercial Invoice

This document is essential for the goods being shipped to the USA. The document provides complete information about the goods being shipped along with their value. You should have two copies of the commercial invoice, one with the bill of landing and the other when the shipment crosses the border of the USA. 

Canada customs invoice 

This document is similar to a commercial invoice. It is required when the goods are shipped from the USA to Canada. As a commercial invoice, it also contains a full description of the goods being shipped to Canada. It is also to be kept with two copies. One has to be attached with the bill of landing and the other is to be submitted when the shipment crosses the Canadian border. 

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