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Why Trucking Dispatch Software Important For Your Transportation Business?

Trucking is an industry that has a major impact on the economy, yet its true essence is never known.

From every small product to major industries, every business relies on the trucking industry to transport raw materials to the finished product. The final product you see on the shelf of a store is all thanks to the deliveries made by Truckers.

Therefore, the Trucking industry is backing and holds a major part of GDP. Despite its huge impact on all of our lives, the trucking industry is one of the hardest with a rough schedule. Especially if you are a single owner running your own business, then it will be even more of a burden to manage everything.

Why There is A Need For Trucking Dispatch Software For Truckers?

From small fleet owners and lone owner-operators, there are various reasons for using an app like Uber for trucks, but the impact will be the same regardless of the size. To increase the revenue and expand your trucking business, you need to go one mile extra to integrate information and intelligence into a traditional business like Trucking.

Let's first acquire a clear image of where the trucking industry stands at the moment before studying why and how such Trucking Management Software is a necessity for your Trucking business to grow.

Trucking Industry Statistics:

  • The trucking sector accounts for 85% of Cargo Expenditure. 
  • The trucking sector is one of the most frequently used methods for cargo transportation, with an estimated value of more than $800 billion.
  • The demand for transportation services made history in 2018, while driver pay increased to a 20-year high.

With just these few facts, you can see how enormous the Trucking Industry is; as an entrepreneur in this sector, you should learn to make the most of it with the help of the best Trucking Management Services. It will help you make important decisions at the right time by providing you with all the data in one place.

In Addition, it will allow you to avoid losing transactions, overpayment, delay in payment, lost invoices, and cargo delays. In the long run, you can eliminate the traditional process of the Trucking business with the help of the technologically advanced software that helps you with the management by replacing paperwork with real-time data accessed on the go. It will also allow you to work with a smaller but more efficient staff. 

Why Should You Choose A Truck Dispatch Software?

in these modern tech-savvy days, it is vital to look for the best dispatch software for Trucking, regardless of the job—moving vans, dump trucks, livestock transport, medical transport, etc. If you're wise, you've already considered whether to use paid or free trucking dispatch software.

Here are the few benefits of Truck Dispatch Software which will solidify your decision to invest in this :

  1. Truck Availability: It will help you track a Truck's Availability in real-time. In Addition, it will also help you keep track of your trucker's route; if a trucker has taken the wrong direction or is the nearest trucker, you can expect to come back. 
  2. Track Current Status: It can help you track shipment status like "truck dispatched" by providing real-time visual dispatching solutions that give you complete access to the data. It should also allow you to share the live status with your customers, keeping your clients informed and happy. This will also increase transparency in your shipments for customers, making them trust your business.  
  3. Drivers Details: It will keep track of your new orders, as well as allow you to view equipment, carrier, and driver options, including driver call-ins. With the help of the truck dispatch software, you can provide your drivers with the most recent information and stay in regular communication with them as required.
  4. Invoice and Fuel: It helps you give a precise fee type that may be a flat cost, a fee per mile, a fee per tonne, etc. It also helps you keep track of your expenditure on fuel. It also notes the vendor used, the amount of petrol bought, and the location where it was purchased.

Truck Dispatch Software can significantly impact how soon your business can become effective and profitable in this fiercely competitive industry growing bigger by the day. Real-time tracking, freight bid management, fuel, and invoice tracking, truck and drive real-time tracking, and many other functions will be included in a good trucking software system that has been developed by someone aware of the sector's needs.

In Addition, before you choose the software, you should ensure that the software is user-friendly and provides 24/7 support to keep your trucking business on track. The software company should adapt to your business's unique needs and provide customized solutions.

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What Issues Are Solved by Trucking Management Services?

Complete Real-Time Integration of Information

For any business to function well, information must be shared in a flow; the appropriate data must always be delivered when required. Therefore, creating one organized system for your trucking business requires you to access all trucking orders, billing, pick-ups/drop-offs, additional fees, equipment assignments, route planning, fuel optimization, invoice generation, and other processes. Fundamentally, all these areas are completely integrated into one single software where you can see a timely update of all the data.

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Tracking of Expenses

When most of the profit is invested in non-liquid assets or receivables, a lack of cash flow can occur. This can make your trucking company flounder and ultimately fail, even though the income vs. expense statements appear excellent. When firms lack the resources to pursue payments and have problems with billing cycles and unpaid invoices, your business's cracks can result from work overload and mistakes. It is challenging to control expenses and keep track of where your money is coming from, especially with a single truck owner-operator who also drives the deliveries in addition to running the company. 

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Therefore, A Trucking Management Service which provides real-time expense tracking will help you efficiently manage the expense, fuel, and maintenance data. It will also help reduce errors and save time by showing you where your money is leaking from and assisting you in plugging the hole. Therefore, all your expenses will be in order. 

Accounting in One Click

It is hard to do everything yourself, from managing clients to truckers to timely dispatch to payment settlements. The secret to a trucking business that can grow fast is the perfect balance between dispatch-order management and accounts management. It's a basic requirement to make sure that all payments are made on time as this will help run the business well for everyone involved, from the customers to the staff.

It's essential to have a comprehensive accounting system that tracks your expenditure, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, and income at any time and runs reports on them with just one click. 

IFTA Calculator

A top Truck Management Software will provide you with an IFTA Calculator software to aid you with tracking your fuel and miles crossed per state. According to the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA), interstate transporters must disclose fuel tax reports to the state.


Despite having access to all the data, manual report preparation will be time- and money-consuming. To help organize tax returns, it is preferable to have software that accurately does IFTA calculations and generates thorough Profit and Loss reports of the company's financial history, state, and general performance. In Addition, it should also allow to edit and manage all IFTA records easily and update IFTA Reports quarterly. 

Save Your Precious Time and Money

With the automation of accounting, expense tracking, and IFTA calculation, the paperwork is minimized. Therefore, the data can be tracked effectively, and time can be distributed wisely to check everything. With timely submissions of IFTA, you will also avoid fines. All these factors result in saving cost and time, which can further be invested in training and maintaining less staff that aids you with behind-the-desk work. 


In Addition, you can also maintain a report of your truck management, which will inform you when and where you should get your vehicle maintenance.

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Retaining Happy Customers and Truckers

As everything is interconnected, when one step is completed smoothly, the next process is followed smoothly. When orders are placed, and information is provided to the trucker with the apt route, with gas stops, when this information is also shared with the client, it avoids fake shipment.

When the client makes the payment, invoices are maintained, your accounts are updated, and payment is made on time to your trucker, everything flows smoothly without any hindrance.

This ensures that both your client and Truckers are happy in the long run. To maintain a healthy relationship with both, you can invest your time and money in wishing them their birthdays, buying them holiday gifts, etc.

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We hope that now you understand how important it is to have a perfect Trucking Dispatch software that will suit your business and fulfill your needs. This will help you cut costs in your business and take off a huge part of workload and stress by automating everything. 

As an entrepreneur, it's essential to make smart decisions and know how to save time, so you can invest that time in expanding your business. Don't just work hard; work smart. 

With the help of Online Trucking Solution (OTS), you will have an easy and easy-to-use system. From Dispatch, Accounting, IFTA report, Storage, and Expense tracking, it helps you with everything. In Addition, the cherry on the cake is how it also helps you by providing Custom solutions ideal for your business. 

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