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General guidelines for publishing guest articles

  1. We are looking for articles of a minimum of 1500 words, those over 2000 words will be highlighted in our social network.
  2. The post has to contain a FAQ section with at least 4 Questions/answers.
  3. Use headings, subheadings, bullet points and visual elements to break up your content.
  4. Cite your sources – any statistics or facts must be supported and references and links to the source included.
  5. Please ensure that your article is professionally written and free of grammatical errors.
  6. Please include a minimum of 2 photos. You must own the reproduction rights for them, if these photos are not yours but free of rights, please indicate the source.
  7. All articles must feature 100% original content. This means that they must not have been published previously on the internet. Any duplicate content will not be published.
  8. You can include 1 external link to your blog or site in the body of the text, which must be relevant to the content you are submitting.
  9. Along with your guest post, you can include a short bio of a few sentences to introduce yourself. You can also include links to your main social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc…).

Benefits for you and promotion of your articles

  • When it is published your article will appear on the blog page of our site and, if it is more than 2000 words, it will be highlighted in our social network
  • The link included in the article to your blog or site will be implemented as "Do Follow", this will be particularly beneficial for your SEO and appreciated by Google, in addition to potentially generating more traffic
  • And, of course, our regular readers will check out your article.

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