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Top 6 Reasons Why You Need 3PL Dynamics For Third Party Logistics

Third party logistics services have changed the way e-commerce businesses operate. Thanks to fast and efficient delivery services, they can help online merchants grow their business and complete all their order fulfillment tasks on time. However, as a 3rd party logistics service provider, streamlining all the information and managing every detail can be overwhelming. With the advent of 3PL software solutions, you can get all the details at your fingertips and save your company time and money. Keep reading to learn about what 3PL companies do and how logistics management software can help you stay on top of the supply chain.

How Do 3PL Companies Work?

Every e-commerce business that wants to engage with customers needs to focus on developing a logistics system. Here’s a brief overview of how 3PL companies work !

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Delivery of Inventory to Warehouses

From unloading inventory to timely inventory identification, 3PL companies will help you efficiently manage your warehouse functionalities. By automating the inventory processes, the companies help online sellers to improve their inventory management practices. 

Order Processing And Fulfilment

Online sellers are expected to respond to customer orders as immediately as possible.3PL companies will instantly transfer your orders to the warehouse and ensure order fulfillment. They have the tools and the resources to accelerate the pick, pack, and ship process to help online sellers stay on their delivery schedule. order-process

Seamless Return And Exchange

Order returns and exchanges can be overwhelming and costly to online merchants. 3PL service providers offer a range of distribution, storage, shipping, and tracking services to enable seamless return and exchange of orders without breaking your bank. This will improve your customer service and help you fix any damaged inventory. 

Helps in Scaling E-commerce Operations

A 3PL service provider uses the latest tools and technologies to increase on-time performance. Working with them will help online sellers lower their transportation costs and build a multi-location distribution network. Online sellers can quickly scale their businesses, move to new markets, and reduce errors. These service providers offer full support even during peak order deliveries with complete reports to help you make informed business decisions. 

Eliminate Uncertainties 

The best benefit online sellers can derive by working with 3PL services is eliminating uncertainties. Supply chain management can be a complex process that needs greater control. With timely reports and a streamlined process, you do not have to worry about uncertainties.

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6 Reasons Why You Need 3PL Software Solutions

Customization And Scalability

A recent study shows that 86% of global companies and fortune 500s work with 3 PL service providers. This indicates that you have to manage a surge of information and mitigate the risks associated with it. One of the biggest challenges that you can face while operating is finding a system that can help them keep track of all the shipments. Furthermore, as the sales increase, a one-size-fits-it-all system may not accommodate all your requirements. This is where logistics software can make a difference. 

Reputable companies offer 3PL software tailored to your unique needs. Let’s look at how customization features can help you

  • The software has a web portal where you have access to client information with customized branding. 
  • You can also synchronize the inventory, orders, shipments, and more through plug-ins and other integrations for a seamless experience.
  • You can also automate fulfillment processes at your convenience to enable faster lead times and more accuracy. 
  • With many built-in functions, you can go through the data and make informed decisions. 

Execute Your Tasks Faster

As a 3PL service provider, you understand the importance of executing all your order fulfillment tasks on time. However, it is easier said than done. From forecasting resources to managing multiple warehouse operations, logistics service providers are multi-taskers who need to minimize risks and improve productivity every step of the way for ultimate client satisfaction. Thankfully, 3PL software solutions can make the process easier for you and ensure that you manage multiple tasks efficiently. 

Here’s how logistics management software can help you execute your tasks faster!

  • You can automate fulfillment processes to ensure enhanced productivity, reduced costs, and eliminate any shipment errors. 
  • Some integrations and plug-ins can help you manage seasonal order peaks. 
  • Working with a reputable company, you can automate payments and shipment tracking processes. That way, you will get automated invoicing and reports to help you save time and money. 
  • With all automated invoices and receipts in one place, you can go through the information and offer your clients details of the many transactions. 

Inventory Tracking Has Never Been Easier

Is it a challenge to keep track of your inventory and get real-time information? With 3PL software solutions, you can do this efficiently. 

Whether you are a b2b or b2c logistic service provider, inventory tracking is a critical feature to consider when you ship out your order. Digital revolution is impacting how traditional logistics happen, and this includes inventory management and tracking. From receiving the inbound shipments to moving them to the storage location, you need timely and real-time updates to make an informed decision. The system will streamline all tracking functionalities in one place to help you access all the goods in transit. 

Here are some of the features that advanced logistics software comes equipped with: 

  • Geo-tracking: This will help you access your moving goods and provide the location of the goods. 
  • Goods Information: You can access critical goods information, such as SKUs, batch, parts, serial number, and more. 
  • Warehouse inventory: Some in-built functions can also provide you inventory activity inside and outside your warehouse. 
  • Give your clients complete reports: Since you have access to real-time inventory information, you can provide your clients with an audit for the best experience. gestion de temps

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Reduced Costs

Logistics automation offers you a host of benefits that you cannot ignore. One of the most critical ones is reduced costs. Manual record-keeping is time-consuming. In the e-commerce marketplace, where time is the currency, you cannot afford to waste time looking for single order information. Furthermore, a decentralized process can dilute customer experiences and does not leave room for flexibility. 

In contrast, logistics management software can help you reduce overheads and inefficiencies posed by traditional logistics. With the faster movement of goods, improved coordination, and enhanced accuracy, you can eliminate misinformation. Whether you are accommodating rush-hour deliveries or next-day deliveries, 3PL software has a centralized platform capable of managing multiple client contracts and provides you with a host of built-in automated features to reduce costs and enhance your revenues. 

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Reduce Errors

Scalability is one of the most crucial competitive advantages in the e-commerce world. However, when you scale your operations, it can also lead to errors. With multiple clients and multiple warehousing operations, you need to focus on many factors, such as cost-effectiveness, lower cycle time, and faster reporting. By removing bottlenecks and redundant manual processes, you can eliminate the risks of errors and chances of lost goods-in-transit. 

A 3PL software solution can help you plan your resources, expand your offerings, and provide automated features to ensure that all your processes run smoothly and efficiently. You don’t have to worry about incorrect values or keeping track of your inventories. You can access critical information from a centralized platform with real-time data analytics. 

Visibility, Traceability, And Real-time Updates

The increasing complexity of the e-commerce world requires you to invest in solutions that boost transparency and strengthen client relationships. 

Real-time stock visibility is critical in the logistics industry. It can help you gain client’s trust and instill their confidence in your business. With logistic services, you can integrate all the supply chain information in one place and provide your clients with a better view of their business. Whether it is tracking shipments, analyzing lead cycle time, or running performance reviews, the system ensures improved efficiency and eliminates any hiccups during the process.  Customizable software also helps you configure real-time reports to the client’s portal for the best experience.

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Tips to Choose the Right 3PL Software For Your Business!

Investing in 3PL software is a huge investment. Hence, it is crucial to consider relevant factors to generate a positive ROI and produce better results. Here are some tips to help you choose the right solution for your business:

Ability to Handle Multiple Client Accounts

Flexibility and multiple client architecture are the key points you should consider when choosing logistic software. The system must be able to handle your current workflow and also support future endeavors. 3PL companies have to work closely with multiple clients to deliver the help and support they need. Hence, ensure that your system supports scalability and can help you manage multiple client accounts seamlessly. 

Supports the Latest Technology

The build-in software must support the latest technological features and have customizable plug-ins to ensure that it helps your business process faster and efficiently. Working with a reputable company, you can also include the best tools that can help you optimize warehouse functionality and order fulfillment processes. Using automation can reduce errors, lead to instant product traceability, and offer many other benefits. 


The System Should be User-Friendly

Your logistics management software must offer robust controls to help you access real-time information quickly. A complex user interface can lead to delayed time and lesser efficiency. Also, ensure that you understand the features and functionalities for better productivity. 


Security of data is one of the biggest concerns for 3PL service providers. When choosing a logistics management software, ensure that it has security features that protect the data from unauthorized access, cyber-attacks and bugs. Many companies offer systems with robust security and encryption options to help you secure sensitive client information. 

Availability of Tracking Systems

Today, e-commerce businesses expect real-time tracking of their shipment and timely updates about the goods-in-transit. Hence, you need a system with an accurate tracking system for consistent reporting. 

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The Final Word

Now that you know everything about 3PL systems, all you need to do is finding a trustworthy partner. Whether you are a small-sized company or a large enterprise, specialists can help you accelerate your business to help you focus on business development and delivering products. 

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