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DocShipper handles all of your needs by operating as your single point of contact with all of the supply chain's service providers, including suppliers/manufacturers, quality control companies, shipping companies, customs clearance agents, and distribution centers.
Whether you are looking for a reliable supplier or to ship your freight from one country to another, we will tailor our offer to your specific needs.

About Docshipper

DocShipper Group is an international freight forwarder committed to helping SMEs and individuals at every stage of the supply chain across 5 continents by providing them with services that cover all their needs: supplier sourcing, quality control, cargo compliance, international freight shipping, customs clearance and 3PL. If you're looking for specialists to handle all the import/export procedures and logistics operations for you, you've found the right partner.


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DocShipper is providing a turnkey solution delivering an international procurement and logistic process for key accounts and SMEs worldwide that is personalized and trusty for every transactions and in which all parties are beneficiaries.

Pierre Rahme, Head of sourcing


Our Clients Testimonials

Andrew Davis
Andrew Davis
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Dear Doc-Shipper et al., I would like to give a huge Thank you for the overall fantastic job & amazing service which you provided for me, by moving my 9 cubic meters of personal effects from Australia to Thailand with your door-to-door service. Having no previous experience with international shipping, I had procrastinated and dreaded organizing my shipment for many months prior, feeling overwhelmed with the task before me. With the grace of God, it was my good fortune, from my first phone call, to be placed in the care of my shipment account executive manager, Leo Labarre, who took excellent care of my entire shipment door-to-door, and made it so simple and easy, that the whole shipment was executed seamlessly...!!! There were a few times where I did not fully understand the processes and was panicked; however, Leo's very diplomatic skills and reassurances soon quelled my fears, and I was able to just trust the process. Overall, I would highly recommend your outstanding services in future, and the whole experience was made to be very easy & simple, and was ultimately a very empowering and gratifying experience. Again, Many Thanks...!!! Most Sincerely, Andrew Davis (Commercial Building Owner)
Vadim Panov
Vadim Panov
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Great and fast service
Alain Bot
Alain Bot
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Exportation d'une palette porte à porte vers la Thaïlande. Très bonne prestation et réel suivi de commande jusqu'à la réception. Merci à vos équipes.
Isabel R
Isabel R
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Je recommande fortement la société DocShipper car compétence, professionnalisme, écoute et réactivité sont leurs maîtres mots. Merci

Procurement | Quality control | Supplier audit | Compliance & Certification

Take your Procurement Process to the next level with our Sourcing services in Asia

Are you looking for a reliable partner to outsource your production abroad? Do you need to import raw materials or products directly from the factory or supplier? Based in Hong Kong, DocShipper has a carefully selected network of reliable manufacturers and suppliers in China and throughout Asia.

Trust us, we will find the right partner for your needs: budget, product specifications, delivery time, compliance and standards.

We offer a variety of value-added services such as quote negotiation, sample shipment, product quality control, and compliance to regulations, to provide you with an absolute peace of mind when sourcing in China or other Asian countries. Moreover, our product sourcing services are totally transparent, so there are no hidden fees when you use our procurement service.

We seek to establish long-term partnerships with our customers and our network of suppliers. Trust is indeed very important in this industry, which is why we place it at the heart of our approach.

Focus on sales, marketing and customer loyalty. DocShipper handles your procurement. 


International freight | Sea - Air - Rail - Road | Customs Clearance

Freight shipping services built around trust

DocShipper is first and foremost an international freight forwarder that can arrange the transportation of your goods or personal belongings across all borders and around the world. As a client, your dedicated logistics specialist will handle all communications between the various parties involved, such as transport companies, suppliers, customs brokers and insurers. In addition, they will prepare the necessary administrative and customs documents so that you don't have to worry about anything during the freight transport. DocShipper can ship your goods in containers by sea freight (LCL or FCL), air freight, rail freight or even road freight. So let the experts guide you through every step of the freight shipping process, take advantage of our Door to Door services, and take the burden off your shoulders. Our freight forwarding services will amaze you so don't hesitate to ask us for a free estimate.


From / To where do you need our Freight Shipping services?

In order to offer you the best international freight forwarding services, we have developed a close network of partners all over the world. Our logistics experts have developed a tailor-made approach to transport the freight you wish to export or import from any part of the globe.

Inventory Management | Order fulfillment | Last Mile Delivery

3PL services in the heart of Europe

DocShipper also integrated since 2019 a 3PL department in his scope of work. This department is dedicated to E-Commerce and B2C players. You just need to ship your goods to our distribution center based in Camporosso (north of Italia). Located in the heart of Europe, we propose to handle all your logistics needs: inventory management, order fulfillment, and last-mile delivery. Basically, it is a flexible alternative to what you can get with Amazon FBA: we don't have any hidden fees, we are more flexible and we offer parcel customization to develop your branding.

You asked for it, we dit it!


Most Frequent Questions

What logistics services does DocShipper provide?

DocShipper has a unique business model on the market, a combination of 3 different departments to manager the whole supply chain. Our sourcing department will handle all your procurement process (suppliers search, quality control, and compliance). Then, our logistics department will take care of the shipment from A to Z (packing, storage, customs clearance, sea / air / rail, and road freight...). Finally, our 3PL department will be dedicated to support E-commerce players in their operations (warehousing, order fulfilment, and last-mile delivery). Try to find a business with the same spectrum, it does not exist!

Why should I use DocShipper's shipping and sourcing services?

We have an incredibly unique business model as mentioned previously, but not only... We naturally (contrary to most of our competitors) place the customer in the heart of our attention. Each solution will be specially built according to your requirements: your project, your convenience, and your budget obviously. A dedicated and multilingual team will be in touch with you through the channel you feel comfortable with via Email, WhatsApp, Live chat, phone call, or even Facebook messenger. We don't have any limit to reach your expectations.

How DocShipper can assist your business from A to Z?

Thanks to our 3 departments and a worldwide network, we can assist you with your demands on the whole process. As specified in the first answer, we will handle every single step from the procurement to the delivery at the door of your warehouse or even to your customers if you need assistance on your B2C operations. Our network covers (almost) the world so we can help your business wherever it is needed. Time is money, we save you both!

How DocShipper is disrupting the import/export market?

It might sound a bit over-confident but yes, it is real! We are disrupting this billion dollars industry by implementing a new business model that primarily focuses on customer satisfaction. It seems strange but it is exactly how Uber or Airbnb (to name a few…) grabbed their market share: online visibility, user experience, and professionalism. This market remains too traditional, it is time to bring it to another level!

Why do I need a sourcing or procurement agent?

The import/export industry is a very complex environment. Becoming a professional importer is not a trivial undertaking since it combines multiple (and particular) set of skills and knowledge: operations, negotiation, communication, legal & compliance... A little missing detail and your entire supply chain can go in the wrong direction. Additionally, this industry is full of scammers, some are obvious, but the others will be experts in promoting their malicious scheme. You must be a sourcing specialist to avoid such traps and secure your business. DocShipper can be your perfect partner to grow and strive stress-free!

Why do shippers use freight forwarders or brokers?

When dealing with any type of freight, a shipper wants to ensure that the goods reach their destination in excellent condition and on time. However, in the complex environment that is logistics, even minor errors can cause a slew of issues that can delay or disrupt the entire process. That’s where freight forwarders and brokers step in. These experts, oversee the process at every step of the way, to ensure that everything goes safely and seamlessly.

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