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We are an international freight forwarding company which operates in several areas and offers many services. Our main objective is to establish a digital link between buyers and all the actors who need it. For 11 years, the quality of our services offered has been evolving steadily. We have gained a great reputation among many. Here are some websites that highlight our services.


They Interviewed our Founders

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These Brothers Are Redefining The Import/Export Industry And Grew Their Business To $12M/Year


Nicolas Rahmé Is Working Tirelessly to Solve Supply Chain Issues


DocShipper Group – A Modern Sourcing Solution Provider

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How to Disrupt a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry During COVID-19


How two brothers are redefining and digitalizing the import/export industry?

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Featured Press

These are examples of magazines and blogs that mentioned DocShipper.


DocShipper Group strengthens its presence in the MENA region by opening an office in Lebanon


Siam Relocation, a subsidiary of DocShipper, ranks among the top five movers in Bangkok

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How Is DocShipper Breaking the Codes of the Import-Export Industry?


DocShipper Group strengthens its presence in the MENA region with the opening of an office in Lebanon

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DocShipper named one of the Top Sourcing Companies and Agents in China 2021


DocShipper, a Disruptive Startup that is Simplifying and Digitizing Import & Export


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