Top logistics industry trends and innovation

Top 12 Logistics Industry Trends and Innovations in 2021

logistics industry trends and innovations

Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligenceIt is the technology that we are experiencing in our life now. Now, AI is also introduced to the shipping industry. Artificial Intelligence serves as a great technology for smart transportation & logistics, delivery route planning, operation monitoring & Others. One of the great things that makes AI a promising technology is forecasting that firms manage their day-to-day operations. The mobile app development company develops the solutions based on this and helping the firms to implement them.

The AI-based automation, in turn, providing benefits to handle administrative tasks and improve service performance. Another term is also included with AI is Augmented Intelligence that stands for the combination of AI automation and human intelligence. It gets the manual input to automate the process. Machine learning helps the shipping industry predict the weather condition on the route, so cargo ships' movement can be fine. Predicting the climatic conditions and route optimization saves time and cost while delivering the goods to the different locations.



Robotics is not the futuristic technology; it is the present now and helping various industries, one of which is logistics. It improves the supply chain process and also eliminates the chances of human errors. There is a myth that it will take human jobs for a long time, but it is not true in all sense. Even results proved that in combination, human resources and robots work fine and producing the best results.

The COBOTS (Collaborative Robots) and AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robots) are working great in the shipping and logistics industry. They used to carry and move the heavy packaging to the warehouse or storage facility that humans can't do in less time. These are one of the on-demand solutions that the industry is looking forward to.

Digital Twins

digital twins

Digital Twins technology works like a bridge between the digital and physical world. It represents the digital presentations of a process or object, or service. This technology uses real-world data for creating simulations that how a process will work in reality. Collection and packaging are two of the major tasks in the shipping industry, so this technology helps find potential risks. It predicts the performance of packaging material and helps in eliminating the defect.

The fleet management app development companies help the shipping firms by implementing the Digital Twins technology to enhance shipment protection. It predicts that how a packaging pattern can affect the product while out for delivery. It helps the logistics companies to design the fine infrastructure of a warehouse. Here real-time operational data is used. Another advantage of this technology is in creating a dynamic delivery network.


It is the most secured technology and has applications in the shipping industry. The data storage takes place in the sequence of blocks. These can be locked, closed and also the new blocks can be added as per the requirements. The information transaction is called digital coded transactions. Blockchain technology uses cryptography in an appropriate way that makes it one of the best on-demand solutions for the logistic industry. It has its special place in the list of top 12 logistics industry trends and innovations in 2021.

blockchain technology

The key advantages of Blockchain Technology are speedy information flow, cost-effectiveness, data privacy, reliability, record encryption. If we talk about information sharing, it promises speedy information flow because manual document processing, emailing, fax may take time. Where this technology automates the operations in the best way. Its privacy features make it most secure for data transactions, as it is empowered by cryptography. Each party will have a secure audit trail of all shipments. Its tracking system makes it the most secure technology for any logistic firm.

Big Data Analytics

It is the most powerful technology that works great in data analysis at a large level. In combination with IoT and AI & Machine Learning, this technology is helping the industry regarding shipping & logistics, cargo, warehousing, transportation, fleet management and other tasks. In the core tasks, it is also helping in improving revenue generation and enhancing the customer experience. To implement the Big Data Analytics technology, a web development company will be a great help with ample experience.

The management can predict the volumes for future planning that includes incoming and outgoing volumes. If we talk about facility management, big data helps in packaging operations such as managing the ongoing packages based on the location that includes address, Pin code, area code and locality. It also helps in routing operations via real-time analytics of climatic conditions, route optimization, and all. It is one of the trends that creates the considerable need for fleet management app development.

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Reverse Logistics

There is a rapid rise in the ecommerce industry after post pandemics. As there is a fine delivery mechanism required to ensure the best customer experience, reverse logistics is also trending on the other hand in the logistics industry. It ensures the post-sales services in an impactful way, such as product returns, refurbishments, recycling, reselling, etc. The reverse logistics is expected to reach USD 604 billion by 2025 with a CAGR (2018-2025) of 4.6%.

Due to the hardcore competition, sellers are now offering free returns that create the working opportunity for the logistics firms. The technology is also helping reverse logistics; for example, the companies hire dedicated developers who are developing the solutions to track the fresh shipment and reverse shipment of the products. Via it, the companies are gaining the trust of customers as well as ensuring high-grade services.  

Warehouse Automation         

If we are talking about the shipping & logistics trends 2021, then without mentioning the warehousing, it is incomplete because the shipping operations can't be performed without storage. In terms of improving efficiency, productivity, service quality and floor space utilization, warehouse automation is a perfect trend that ensures all these mentioned terms. It includes automated guided vehicles, robotics, storage automation and maintenance that eliminates human errors. The experienced logistics app development firm can help the new business holders to implement it at their facility.

Cloud Computing

There are several challenges yet to be addressed of logistics in which cloud technology can help the businesses a lot. There are many people involved in the industry that can create manual errors, so instead of doing this, it would be best to use new-age cloud computing solutions. These solutions help in eliminating the roadblocks of shipping operations. One of the top advantages of Cloud solutions is better connectivity that allows businesses to exchange data in real-time. The fleet management app development services empower the owners and admins to communicate with their employees and all the stakeholders.

cloud computing

For example, supervisors can alert their workforce about some specific instructions, or the admins can monitor all the operations from their workstations with the help of cloud solutions. It also ensures fine connectivity in between fleets, warehouses and offices.

Autonomous Vehicles 

Self-driving vehicles are now a reality, although it is not so improved yet, so we can see these easily, but yes, in the future, it will be. Several shipping firms have started using autonomous vehicles at their storage facility to move the goods still the percentage is low. In the future, there is planning to introduce self-driving loading vehicles that will reduce the working load on drivers. Self-driving mini vehicles can also reduce the stress of helpers at warehouse facilities.

Internet of Things


It is one of the revolutionary technologies that has changed the way of using technology in several industries. A crucial percentage of shipping business owners are planning to implement the IoT in their business. The IoT solutions are cost-effective and enhance service quality. Reducing the capital and operating costs helps in asset tracking, loading analytics, environmental monitoring, and eliminating human errors.

The admins can track & monitor the shipments on a real-time basis that includes tracking fleet, ship, truck, train containers etc., with the help of solutions developed by the web development company. Even they can also track that whether the Cardo is compromised or not. It ensures the right shipment delivery at the right address by sending time-stamped location alerts to the management. So, if we list out the advantages, it will be such as cargo tracking, self-online booking, improving container utilization, automatic settlement of payments, and many more.

Last-Mile Delivery

The last mile delivery refers to the final stage of the delivery process in which the parcel is delivered to the destination or at the customer's doorstep from the destination storage facility. Now, online shopping is the new normal where customers want fast delivery, and businesses are striving to retain customers. It also helps in improving the service quality. One of the best things about last-mile delivery is that it works great when the companies use the appropriate solution.

The ecommerce brands use mobile applications developed by a Ecommerce App development company to track the ongoing process of delivery, where on the other side customers can also track their orders via a customer panel.    

Sustainability Via Technology

Sustainability is one of the prime objectives of the logistics industry, and it applies to the customers as well. It is the real-time need to improve the transparency in the supply chain. In the delivery, sustainability via technology also helps reduce the emission and environmental risk that helps the organization comply with the Paris Agreement. The technology makes the monitoring process easy and smooth, so for the same that organizations hire dedicated developers to implement at their organizations.

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The global logistics industry cost is 9.3tr USD, and the global logistics market size is 5.5tr Eur. This industry is the backbone for all businesses because any business can't survive without delivering the package or moving goods from one point to another. It covers all supply chain networks such as B2B, B2C and C2C. The services covered transportation of goods by all means, land, air and sea. Any international trade depends upon it. As all industries face the change, so the same is also applied to it.

These top 12 logistics industry trends & innovations in 2021 are ruling and taking the whole industry to the new horizons where service quality is improving day by day and useless cost reduced due to these. These trends are also promising for the future.

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