What does the Future of the Trucking Industry look like in 2023?

For a long time, trucking has been a booming industry. It is considered to be the backbone of America’s economy.

It is true that the economy relies massively on transporting goods across the nation.

The future of the trucking industry is a hot topic around many fleets. Electric vehicles, fleet management software, and automation are the talks of the industry.

The revolution of technology is always underway, but considering it now will certainly narrow down our approach. We cannot predict what is in the bucket light years away, but in the recent 5-10 years, there are many changes that we can witness.

Many technological trends and changes are emerging that are making transportation more innovative and secure. There has been a study that has found that at least 98 percent of third-party logistics and shippers believed that data-driven decision-making is very important for supply chain activities.

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Why Is the trucking industry evolving?

truck-industrySome advances and challenges in technology are spreading innovation across the globe. The problems of environment, wealth, and overcrowding make their innovations very attractive to governments. These challenges force changes in the trucking industry.

Challenges shaping the future of the trucking Industry.

Reason n°1: Greenhouse gases

The trucking industry is keeping a close look at climate change and the role it is laying in changing the world. The engineers will make sure to emphasize more on green solutions that limit carbon emissions and use renewable energy alternatives.

Reason n°2: Preventing accidents

Many drivers are dying in truck crashes. The new technology of telematics is working towards making the roads and vehicles a much safer prospect.

Reason n°3: Congestion on roads

Many cities are maxed out on maintaining the infrastructure. The trucking technology is looking to decrease this congestion by route mapping, and route optimization for searching for alternative roads.

Reason n°4: More Security

The new technologies are also attracting new security risks. The new technologies invented must be secure from hackers, as this might pose a greater technological threat.

Reason n°5: Faster delivery times

The time that is spent on commuting due to traffic congestion or the miles traveled makes out years of our lives that can be put to more productive use. The technology of transportation is hoping to make travel quicker and more efficient at high speeds.

These are some challenges right in front of us and the future of the trucking industry is transforming the world for the better.

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Future of the Trucking Industry

Electric vehicles

electric-vehicleAlthough electric vehicles have been there for around some time, if we talk about fleets, the use of electric vehicles is going to boom soon. There are some trucks for long-haul journeys that are not at all easy to transition.

The development of electric trucking models is going to progress at a very slow pace. The trucking future includes electric vehicles but the long haul will require a large battery that cannot be met by the present electric solutions. Volkswagen is working on delivering the best results and decreasing the cost of electric vehicles by using solid-state batteries.

The fleets that are operating in the region and the urban areas are already looking into electric models and electric vehicle manufacturers. The manufacturers are now being very quick to develop the trucks for meeting the demand.

Artificial Intelligence

As the autonomous and electric solutions are somewhat out of the limits, it is very normal to listen to the advanced technology and AI in trucking. The process of automation is very essential for allocating the drivers, and loads, and determining the routes.

The fleet management software is also available to optimize and also control many metrics such as Asset Tracking, Driver monitoring, and preventative maintenance.

The use of AI in trucking is just around the corner.

For Instance companies like Elysia are revolutionizing the industry by providing advanced battery management systems that optimize performance and extend battery life. These innovations ensure that electric trucks are not only more efficient but also more reliable, helping to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in the trucking industry.

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The self-driving trucks

The future of trucking will be fully autonomous. The test of self-driving cars is being tested countless times, and they are not yet available to the public. As the trucks are much bigger than a standard car, you must expect that self-driving trucks are going to take much longer to reach the roads.

It might take as long as several decades

When self-driving cars will be on the road, then they are going to be supervised by a human. You can expect the Self-driving trucks to reach a hybrid model where the truck is going to drive itself and the human will operate it manually whenever it is necessary.

The next generation of GPS devices

gps-deviceThe GPS units are not new. They have been in use for the past decades. The only difference is, when comparing the modern GPS devices to the earlier models, there is new functionality as well as new software.

GPS Devices in the past had very limited functionalities. Well, this can calculate the total mileage and will provide an estimated time for reaching a final location.

Well, today, GPS units are very versatile. They are not only going to provide the basic functions for planning a trip. They can also make adjustments for traffic, weather conditions, or the preferred route.

Fleet management software

Well, the time of basic software tools is in the past and new and more advanced tools are being developed. The tools are aimed at bringing innovation across many facets of the industry.

The technology platform for the trucking business will enable the integration of intelligent technologies such as AI, machine learning, managing the database, and developing customized applications that will enable the trucking companies to innovate and grow.

The growth of the company is facilitated by introducing cutting-edge technologies. The clients can know where the trucks are and can get information related to the driver and the location.

Using the Fleet management software will help you manage the data and the workflows and also have endless possibilities.

Energy-efficient and sustainable trucking

There has been massive criticism against the transport industry for contributing to a fifth of the world’s carbon-dioxide emissions. Well, as a result, many businesses such as the trucking industry are going green in response to the rising threat of global warming.

The transport industry today is striving towards reducing its carbon footprint. There are many ways to walk towards energy-efficient and sustainable trucking. One of the most exciting examples of the same is using electric vehicles which have changed the preconceived notion that they are not sustainable for the trucking industry.

The trucking industry is also considering using low-emission trucks that can easily replace diesel trucks. The trucks running on diesel are the major source of pollution. Thus, the alternatives contribute to protecting the environment in the long run.

Trucking data analytics

With the help of big data analytics, trucking companies can lay down their travel routes and estimate travel times. These are some of the few ways to showcase the assistance of data analytics.

The analyses are based on data from various sources such as vehicles, fleet management software, maintenance, financial management, and other business areas that can contribute to improving the system.

The IoT Devices and the 5G network Infrastructure will also enable more energy-efficient and cost-friendly systems. Well, in the transportation industry, the 5G will provide end-to-end connectivity across many communication methods.

This is what the future of the Trucking industry looks like.

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The technologies which are changing the Trucking industry

future-trucks-industryAs trucking is responsible for keeping the economy on the move, the increasing trucking cost and competition are slowing it down. The trucking industry has already started taking the advantage of advanced tech for improving the various impacts of business.

Well, it is also an exciting time in the trucking industry as you will be able to witness the pace of technology advancing fast.


There is a reason why the Airplanes are pointy and do not have a square front. This is because as the speed of the wind increases, the resistance is going to increase dramatically. The truck and trailer aerodynamics will add to the efficiency of the fuel while transporting.

There are many additional aerodynamic technologies such as wheel covers and underbody shielding to improve the mileage over the next few years and gain on it.


The latest and advanced technology-equipped powertrains are promising to have a huge impact on shipping costs all over the country. The engines are now being downsized for having less weight and being more efficient.

The turbocharging is also being improved for delivering powerhouse acceleration and reduced fuel consumption on the highway.

The electric and hybrid powertrains are being tested with time to prove an efficient way to transport.


Just like the discovery of GPS facilitated great improvements in the trucking industry two decades ago, the new telematics technologies are following in the same footsteps.

The vehicle-to-vehicle communication system with route planning and scheduling systems will make the trucking industry smarter, safer, and more efficient. Every manufacturer is also working on their systems right now and we can expect the industry to converge.


With the added safety and security features, it can help in reducing a great number of accidents. Decreasing the number of accidents is very positive for truckers, trucking companies, as well as the general public.

Less number of accidents also means lower insurance rates and truck repair costs. The advances in braking, lane departure, and other features are making the truck safer and will inspire more confidence in the industry.

The Onboard diagnostics

The trucking industry is pushing real-time technology and you are soon going to witness embedded diagnostics incorporated into the engine, fleet management system, and transmission of the vehicle.

This will enable the fleet managers to track the efficiency, performance, and service 24/7. This is going to help in scheduling the service, and maintenance, and avoiding expensive breakdowns.

Driver Comfort

Some studies have proven that a comfortable driver is not going to suffer from the effects of highway fatigue and will be more alert on the job.

The technology is being devised for improving the comfort of the drivers in trucks and making sure they can make it safe for the destination.

The seats are adjusted with reduced pressure points, more control ergonomics, improved steering, and information systems that will make truck driving a more pleasant experience.

Autonomous trucking

As we are hearing a lot regarding autonomous passenger cars, truck manufacturers are also carrying out tests for autonomous technologies. Well, it is only a matter of time before a truck without a driver is going to roll out.

These are some of the technologies that are making their mark in the trucking industry. The progress will not be stopped and we are aiming to be encouraging, intelligent, and proactive in implementing the new trucking technologies.


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In the end

We are also stepping into the future one step at a time. In the immediate future of trucking, some interactive dashboards and technologies can connect your fleet and your data.

Make sure that you start to optimize your business with the latest tools as of today.


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