The Advantages of Sea Freight Transport Services

The Advantages of Sea Freight Transport Services

What Is Sea Freight, and How Does It Work?

Essentially, sea freight forwarding is the process of organizing the shipping of goods on carrier ships. Shipping companies pack the goods into metal containers and load them onto the vessel.

Typically, one cargo ship might carry close to 18,000 containers. This fact alone makes sea freight a cost-effective solution for transporting large quantities of goods, especially over long distances.

Keep in mind that sea freight is only one of the cogs in the larger machine, which is the supply chain management system. What GenX Freight can do for their clients is listen to their needs and make the decisions that best work for them.

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Types of Sea Freight Transport

There are several categories of cargo transported by sea.

First, container cargo represents shipping items such as:

Liquid bulk is another category and includes things like:

These vessels need to be monitored frequently and be subjected to vetting inspections.

Dry bulk freight includes:

Dry bulk freight also involves fertilizers, minerals, etc. These, too, require special measures and visual monitoring.

Break bulk is the final category of sea freight. It defines shipping items such as:

These items are usually loaded into crates, barrels, and boxes.

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The Major Benefits of Sea Freight Transport

Now you understand how sea freight transport works, we should also highlight why it might be the best option for your business.

Every method of freight forwarding has its unique benefits and downsides, so let's focus on sea freight specifically.

Sea Freight Is Economical

One of the main reasons small to medium-sized businesses might need sea freight transport services is budgetary limitations.

If you need to ship something far away, air freight might be too expensive. Sea freight costs are incredibly competitive and usually the best solution for shipping large goods long distances.

Sea Freight Is Efficient

When you need to ship something via sea, there are several ways to go about it. Smaller shipments are easily put together with other freight to fill a container, for example.

It allows for cost-sharing services. On the other hand, if you need an entire vessel for a shipment, that can be arranged too.

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Sea Freight Is Safe

One of the reasons why so many business owners choose sea freight is safety precautions. When you have hazardous material to transport, the sea is the best option.

The entire sea freight forwarding industry, such as DocShipper and GenX Freight, is incredibly well-versed in handling such goods. Regulations in the sea freight industry have come a long way, and the containers are safe and sealed during transport.

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Sea Freight Is Environmentally Friendly

Many business owners are understandably worried about the environmental impact of cargo transport. Road and air freight, in particular, will likely need to be closely regulated in the future to minimize the effect on climate change and the environment.

In comparison, sea freight has a much lower carbon footprint, which puts it at an advantage over the other two methods.

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The Sea Can Transport Your Goods Anywhere

For domestic freight forwarding or from the UK to another European country, road freight is the usual go-to option. However, when you need to ship to somewhere far away, like the US or Asia, sea freight comes with many benefits.

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