What Is The best way To Ship From China

What is the best way to ship freight from China?

Half of the products we import are made in China, regardless of whether you are a regular customer or the owner of an online store. It's sometimes simply for a buyer to stay out of the actual shipping from China process because it's something they might not be familiar with and should be left to the experts. For importers, shipping products from China is a challenging but crucial issue. Many importers are constantly attempting to achieve a better balance between shipment time and cost.

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Here Are the Tips You Need To Consider Before Shipping From China

Contact several shipping carriers for quotations

Talking to the agent and discussing everything before confirming anything with the supplier is essential for a buyer. By discussing with an agent, you will be aware of the offers and shipping process of the products, as this agent acts as the source of the shipment, make sure to confirm and discuss all the little details with them, including,

  • Quality and quantity of the product,
  • Shipment size,
  • Supplier’s location,
  • And the estimated time of delivery.

Waiting for the last minute to brag about or locking the rates is not a good idea for the profit of your business, if you don’t confirm the quote at least a month before buying, it will eventually increase the shipping cost. As if the shipment is from China, make sure to know about the delivery charges and confirm the quote immediately, whether it is a normal shipment or a repeat order.

Choose the right Incoterms

The Incoterms are the ways of communicating between a buyer and seller about the shipment of the product. While discussing the cost of the product, also tell your Chinese supplier about the terms that should be used while trading. It may seem unnecessary, but with Incoterms, it will be easier for you as a buyer too :

  • Understand who pays for the freight,
  • If insurance is needed for the shipment of products
  • Who will be responsible for the damage to the product if happened?
  • And documentation that is needed for the shipment also doesn’t forget about the import/export licenses.

These terms are used to avoid misunderstandings between the buyers and the sellers. These terms are used the same in the whole trading world. The most common and frequently used Incoterms are :

  • DAP (Delivered at Place), which means to clarify where the shipment would be delivered.
  • ExW (Ex Work), means to assign a person to pick up the shipment from the warehouse.
  • CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight), means to find a freight forwarder by the suppliers and pay for it.
  • FOB (Free On Board), which means the details of the transportation from suppliers to their destination.

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DocShipper recommends choosing your Incoterm carefully. Contact us to know how to select and negotiate the correct terms. Click here for more information.


To prevent damage to your shipment products, make a clear picture to the supplier about how you want your

Packaging, containers, sea freight

product to be packed. If the product is not packed or wrapped correctly, it may cause a loss of the sales of your business before even starting selling. Make sure the material used in the packaging is not cheap and is wrapped in multiple layers before shipping.

Not discussing the packaging with the supplier and leaving it on the assumption that it is obvious for every supplier to know the packaging of your shipment correctly is not right.

Make sure to make clear the structure of the packaging before shipping from China.


Having all the documentation clear at least a week before the shipment is the best way to avoid any delay. Make sure to check all the documents and send them to the agent a week before to make sure not to involve in any hurdles in the customs process quickly. You can email or send the documentation to the agent with a checklist known as a Bill of Lading, which includes the names of,

  • Shipping company
  • Buyer
  • Products being shipped
  • The volume of the product
  • List of Incoterm used
  • Exporting company name

A Bill of Lading is required when shipping from China and must always go with the shipped products for you to get your purchases quickly.

Freight forwarder

The process of shipping involves freight forwarders, who are crucial. Finding a freight forwarder is something that either you or your Chinese supplier must do. From picking up shipments at suppliers to arranging delivery to you, who functions as a broker, dealing with all transportation companies.

All logistics tasks and documentation procedures are handled by a freight forwarder. A few Chinese freight forwarders such as DocShipper would properly arrange for the transit of your shipment from the consignor to the port for shipping as well as the transportation of the shipment to the consignee's warehouse in the destination nation.

You need a freight forwarder who has expertise in delivering goods to and from China if you want to ensure that all of these calculations are completed successfully. Long-term relationships are very important to Chinese freight forwarders and even transportation businesses. Most likely, you'll receive greater offers.

Collection and Customs cleaning 

The products must pass China customs inspection when they get to the loading port. It is your supplier's responsibility to give accurate information. To make sure the paperwork is accurate, your shipping agent must advocate on your behalf.

With customs, your shipping agent will cooperate. Any invoices must be paid in full right away with your shipping agent. At this point, they can take you captive and charge you. Set up a convenient time for you to accept delivery after you clear the shipment. If you didn't request that your shipment, be palletized, you will have to carefully unload the packages.

Methods Of Shipping From China

The are three primary shipping methods used by importers to receive products made in China for delivery to any location in the world. Each of these delivery options has unique benefits for your e-commerce business world, depending on the situation.

Express Shipping from China

For most experts, express shipping from China will be cheapest shipping mode from China of bringing shipments from China. Express shipping from China will deliver your product quickly and include an online tracking system. Depending on the weight, different courier services may have different benefits. Although they are more expensive than both standard and expedited delivery, they will deliver your order soon. These shipping options are available if you require your purchase right away.

Any faster cross-border shipping service that a shipment offers, usually by air, is referred to as international express shipping. Because express shipping is quicker and offers superior service, it costs more than normal shipping. When transporting products in Bulk, there are numerous benefits to choosing an international express delivery. Compared to other shipping choices, this quick, trustworthy approach has several clear benefits.

Express shipping is the best choice, in short, if you want the fastest option for shipment in only a few days. Even though they cost more than both standard and expedited delivery, they will deliver your order to you soon. This is the ideal shipping choice for you if you need your order right away.

Air Freight from China

Like Express Freight, Air Freight in which you didn't have to pay additional expenses, your standard air freight packageAir freight from China won't be treated as a priority. With air freight, there are many shipment times. 7 to 15 days, whichever is longer.

The fact that air freight is not expedited is the only thing that sets it apart from express shipping. The methods used by shipping businesses won't change. However, because you won't be in a rush, you won't have to spend more to get these services. For heavy shipments, air freight is the most cost-effective choice because it can be 30% to 40% less expensive than express. Fast shipping and affordable prices give you the advantages of both.

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Airway will be the fastest method available to you, but it can also be the cheapest ! Do not hesitate to contact our team if you wish to obtain additional information on the solutions available to you and at what price. Complete our online form to receive quick feedback from our experts.

Sea Freight 

Sea freight from ChinaShipping goods from China through the ocean is a great choice because of the country's extensive network of top-notch seaports that are located along its coastline. You should be aware of the distinction between full-container loads and less-than-full-container loads when shipping products by sea. When your container contains simply your shipments, you send an FCL. When you share a container with someone else's products, on the other hand, you ship an LCL.

Moreover, LCL can ask you to wait for a different shipping partner before the business ships your products, which can result in a protracted delay. Approximately 249 million and 33 million TEUs worth of shipments were transported through China's seaports and inland ports in 2021, respectively.

Sea freight has far lower shipping prices than express options, but it also moves a lot more slowly. At ports, there's a chance that you'll run into communications issues and other backlogs.

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Buying goods at a discount by shipping from China is a nice decision. But because there are so many shipping businesses, it is not a simple procedure, especially for those who are new to the field. But if you properly follow the above-mentioned guidelines, it might help you more than you anticipate.

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