What are the pros and cons of moving to Qatar ?

What are the pros and cons of Moving to Qatar?

Many people are looking to live and work in Qatar, but there are some things that you should know before you take the plunge and move abroad. I've lived here in Qatar for almost two years now, and this article will give you an honest look at what it's like to live in Qatar. Things that you should think about before moving to this country. Let's look at the pros and cons of moving to Qatar.

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Should you visit or move to Qatar?

Should you move to or visit Qatar? That is a question that many people are asking these days. While it's true that Doha does not have ideal air quality, even with those conditions, you can live a long and happy life in Doha if you know what you're getting into beforehand. So let's take a closer look at both sides of living in Doha. Here are the pros and cons of living in Qatar.

 Pros of moving to Qatar

Here are some pros of moving to Qatar. Hope you will get benefited by it:

1. Company Expatriate Package

The expat package offered by most companies in Qatar is generous. You will receive a salary plus any local or expat tax benefits based on your national status. For example, foreign workers pay no income tax in Qatar as they are not residents, but non-Qatari citizens are taxed at 15% of their income if they stay for more than six months.

2. High Salary with Tax Benefits

Qatar work visa holders are not required to pay taxes on their incomeThis can be made for a very attractive base salary offer from employers that can be as much as 80-100% more than what you could earn back home (depending on exchange rates).

3. Relatively Low Cost of Living

The cost of living in Qatar is low compared to most Western countries, but there are also plenty of opportunities to save money if you are willing to shop and live within your means.

You can find apartments for less than $1,000 per month or rent an entire villa with a pool for $2,000 per month or less. Groceries are also relatively cheap compared to Western prices; getting a week's worth of groceries for about $20 or less is possible.

4. Qatar work visa

There are many advantages of a Qatar work visa. Firstly, Qatar companies are largely dependent on foreign workers. Therefore, your chances of securing a job in a company that utilizes expats are higher than in most other gulf countries due to its limited national workforce. Secondly, all expats who wish to work in Qatar
must secure an employment permit issued by their respective company or sponsor. It means that upon arrival in the country, you can be assured that your new employer will welcome you with open arms if everything goes as planned.

5. Low crime rates 

Qatar has one of the lowest crime rates in all of Asia. You don't need to take precautions to protect yourself from becoming a victim. To prevent crime, there is a large police presence on the streets.

6. No Taxes on Property Sales

There are no taxes on property sales in Qatar, so you don't have to pay any capital gains tax when selling your home (although you may need to pay some fees).

7. No Capital Gains Tax

There is no capital gains tax in Qatar, which makes owning real estate an attractive proposition from a financial standpoint.

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Cons of moving to Qatar

1.The bad weather

Whether scorching hot or raining cats and dogs, you'll unlikely be able to comfortably walk outside during daylight hours. This can significantly affect your work-life balance as many companies force their expats to work long hours to 'catch up with those who live in areas that don't have such harsh weather.

2.It gets expensive

While housing costs aren't too bad in other countries, there's a huge difference between renting a small studio apartment for $100/month and renting a spacious villa for $2000/month (or more). 

3.Traffic is unbearable

If you have ever lived in an area where traffic was terrible, you know how stressful it can be. In Doha, traffic can take hours out of your day as you sit motionless on one of several highways that cut through Doha.

4.Different culture

While most expats who move here enjoy living in a country where Islam is practiced freely, some things will surprise you about Qatari culture (e.g., women wearing full burkas). Depending on your personal beliefs, this may or may not be a problem for you.

5. Qatar work VISA

Medical inssurance Qatar

One disadvantage of moving to Qatar is the costs involved. While expats won't be saddled with visa fees or a resident permit ID charge,

they will have to pay for their medical insurance (as there are no public hospitals) and school fees for any kids attending an international school.

6. Driving in Qatar

Driving in a new country can be both exhilarating and terrifying, but there are definite disadvantages to driving in Qatar. These include challenges with navigating (many roads don't even have street signs) and an occasional tendency for reckless drivers. If you're considering moving here, prepare for some challenges behind the wheel.

7. Less outdoor activities

relocating Qatar Outdoor activity

You should know that there aren't many outdoor activities available in Qatar.

If you love hiking or rock climbing, you may want to consider relocating elsewhere because while there are a few basic paths around town, they aren't exactly scenic.

8. Difficult to travel

It's difficult to travel around town without getting lost (because everything looks exactly alike). Doha is like an endless sea of glass buildings and skyscrapers with no distinguishing landmarks whatsoever.

9. Legal issues

You should be aware of some legal issues before moving here. For example, if caught smuggling alcohol or drugs into Qatar, you could face a prison sentence and hefty fines.

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What do expats find most challenging moving to Qatar?

Expats in Qatar find one of their biggest challenges to be maintaining a sense of balance as they transition from their old life into their new one. In addition, while many expats move abroad with a clear idea about how they plan to make money in their new home, others struggle with creating sustainable business models or partaking in self-sustaining lifestyles. 

This lack of clarity can throw off expats’ sense of balance and create unnecessary stress for themselves and those around them. It’s vital for expats planning on moving abroad to have an idea about how they intend to earn money in their new country, especially if it is not one where English is widely spoken and where working hours are significantly different from those found in North America or Europe.

Living in Qatar as foreign women

For an expat woman, life in Qatar can be gratifying and challenging. Expatriate women who have already experienced some level of independence or self-reliance before leaving their home countries are pleasantly surprised by how empowered they feel living in Qatar

This empowerment gives them access to a certain amount of freedom they might not have been granted before. However, women from highly conservative societies may find that they must adapt if they wish to feel more comfortable in a more liberal society such as Qatar. There are pros and cons for women who choose to move to Qatar, depending on your expectations before making your move.

Moving to Qatar from the USA 

moving abroad quote

  • Moving to Qatar from abroad is not for everyone. 
  • It can be a culture shock, especially if you're moving from a Western nation like America
  • The Arabic language is challenging for native English speakers, as is learning about Muslim culture in a Middle Eastern country.
  • life will be much easier to communicate with others if you learn Arabic, but that can take years. 
  • Ultimately, whether or not Qatar is right for you boils down to your personal preferences regarding climate and culture.

Can a foreigner buy a house in Qatar?

First, you'll need to be able to afford a house. Housing prices in Qatar are high compared with other parts of the world, but not extraordinarily. Real estate is more affordable here than in most countries, including some parts of Europe.

 In that sense, yes, it's possible for a foreigner—and even an expat—to buy a house. However, ownership isn't guaranteed for those who aren't citizens or permanent residents (PRs). You may consider taking out an investment-grade mortgage from a Qatari bank or applying for PR status (which has its requirements and benefits).


As a small country in the Middle East, Qatar is not lacking in job opportunities or an expat community. However, while it's by no means alone, there are some notable drawbacks that new expats should be aware of before moving to Qatar. If you're considering relocation here, make sure you understand what life is like to decide if it's right for you! We hope that this guide helped you learn more abourt the pros and cons of relocating to Qatar.

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