5 Last-minute delivery challenges and how to solve them

The global market has changed due to the recent expansion of the e-commerce sector. The demands and expectations of consumers are changing as digital markets expand. They are seeking options for speedy and inexpensive delivery right now. Many businesses, big brands, and small stores are using online platforms that provide same-day delivery to speed up delivery. Offering a same-day service has several drawbacks, not the least of which is how expensive it is to run. This, however, does not offer a solution to the high same-day operational costs.
Today, every business must prioritize last-minute delivery because it can significantly affect customer happiness and loyalty. With better logistics, everyone will have a better overall customer experience and company profitability, from large multinational corporations to small-scale online retailers.

Let us check some last-minute delivery challenges and how to overcome them.

High Cost

Whether it's hyperlocal delivery or last mile delivery, the business will face a rise in costs. The financial stability of the logistics organization is even more severely strained by the consumer expectations of getting same-day delivery. E-commerce companies need to manage unforeseen needs, such as increased purchase volumes. It also includes accounting for the expenses like fuel, warehousing, labor costs for operating vehicles, and maintenance charges. It can be expensive to set up an infrastructure that enables prompt deliveries.

Unsuccessful deliveries, complicated routes, etc., can result in problems and high prices. In case the initial delivery attempt fails and needs to be rescheduled, the expenses are doubled.


Using efficient software to measure and evaluate your organization and planning is a viable way to reduce your expenditures on same-day delivery. It will enable you to accurately evaluate your entire strategy and approach and make the required adjustments. In the end, it will assist you in adopting a more realistic and economic strategy that improves efficiency and lowers the cost of your delivery operations.

Late Delivery

Customers today anticipate their items to arrive within a much more reasonable time limit, and delays lead to a considerable rise in customer turnover rates. Numerous circumstances can result in a delay in delivery times and interfere with your plans. Regardless of the cause, late deliveries might annoy and dissatisfy the customers. Delivery-DocShipper
Delivery delays may result from failure to adhere to the established schedules. This can therefore have a detrimental effect on your company's bottom line, credibility, and reputation.


It's critical to have a strong logistics system that enables you to deliver items quickly to combat this and meet delivery dates. Additionally, work on the route-planning strategy that guarantees transparent and streamlined communication at all levels. Communication, transparency, and collaboration are essential to keep consumers happy and reduce your last-minute delivery issues.

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Customer Issues

The last mile delivery procedures get disturbed due to customer-related problems. There can be a problem if consumers try to have a delivery sent to obscure places or wrong addresses without giving the proper information. Like this, occasionally, no one is at the delivery address to accept the order, or the box is rejected or sent back. In many cases, customers willfully refuse to accept the package citing multiple reasons. This might disrupt last-minute delivery operations and result in considerable delays.


Keep your consumers informed and up to date with alerts and updates during the delivery period as one method to get around this roadblock. Send them notifications for dispatch, item transit, item delivery, etc. You can even update the same on your website for tracking. This makes it easier for you to ensure the recipient will be open to receiving the package when it is delivered.Contact-DocShipper

To validate the delivery time and client availability, you can also ask the recipient to sign when their order is delivered. By implementing the newest technologies, you may give your customers real-time visibility and improve the delivery process.

Use of Outdated Technology

Using outdated technologies might lead to numerous obstacles in today's last-minute delivery operations. With the old strategy, you cannot fight the high shipping costs and delivery management delays. You cannot increase the productivity of your staff by managing deliveries with pen and paper or Google Maps. It cannot develop all-encompassing communication channels for increased productivity. The changing client demands and scalability in your last mile delivery operation cannot be met using outdated systems. Rising human error rates, missed or delayed deliveries, and other outcomes could harm your business's bottom line and stand in the delivery sector.


Invest in real-time logistical technology. Add current constraints like traffic restrictions and local laws to improve route optimization. Using a modern, unique road restriction tool will help you stay updated about temporary/sudden restrictions, such as road closures, and consider current road and traffic conditions while planning routes. To ensure that the vehicles and delivery personnel don't waste their time locating the precise entry/exit gate, you can invest in GPS data probes to determine a place's actual entry/exit points. By using your history data and telemetry data to verify POIs and addresses, you can also enhance the pick-up and drop-off experience.

Bad Route Planning

At smaller fulfillment centers, route optimization is difficult and perplexing, especially for newcomers. It has several aspects that need to be taken into account.

Poor route design results in delayed deliveries, more costs, and irritates customers. You can solve this problem by implementing plans for more effective route re-optimization. It lowers the expense associated with late delivery. It also has a favorable impact on the predicted arrival time.

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Investing in route optimization software and tools can reduce stress. You can implement the same in your delivery system for better results.


Even if there are still last-minute delivery problems faced by growing e-commerce companies, technological advances allow you to solve them daily. Utilize the right automation tools to enhance the efficiency of your logistical operations and procedures. To consistently meet and exceed your consumers' expectations for perfect logistics, you must invest in new ideas and tools. Last mile delivery was one of the supply chain's many issues. However, in today's world of instant gratification, achieving positive unit economics is indissolubly related to optimizing last mile delivery.

You will also require seamless communication and complete transparency between your delivery personnel and clients. The ultimate aim is to make the delivery handy.

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