10 Surprising truths about International Logistics

International logistics is a complicated process. It involves a large number of people, facilities, supply chain management, and laws. A product is transported to its final destination using professional logistics services. Whether it is export or import, international logistics is an essential step. Be it in Canada or any other countries, road networks and trucking system are crucial to make international logistics a success.

Trucking has such a large impact on the global logistics and economy. Nevertheless, it is very difficult to pin down its exact effects. However, one thing is sure. The dominance of road transport in the delivery circle is a reality. Can you identify any firm that is not involved in transportation services, globally or domestically, directly or indirectly? Even a simple shoe stand in your house went through the logistics process. At some point, it came to you by road transportation.

Nevertheless, you are probably wondering why trucking is a lucrative industry. Besides, you have the availability of means like trains, and faster modes like flights. You already know the answer.

Transport by train is ‘A’, and delivery by plane is ‘C’, thus the trucking and logistics system is ‘B’. The trucking system occupies a middle ground between the high cost, safe services of airfreight, and the low cost of railroads. As a result, more items are transported via trucking logistics services.

Do you want to know some curiosities about the international logistics and trucking system? There are several surpirsing facts. Let us go on a journey and see whether these facts are true.

Listed below are some jaw-dropping statistics about the trucking industry.

The origins of the logisticsInternational-logistics-docshipper

While receiving a box, we do not often think about the work and effort that went into getting it there in the first place. The logistics business, which is typically an unseen force in our society, quietly makes our daily life spectacular. The concept of logistics is not new or innovative. It was there from the beginning of time. As ecommerce increases, this industry has become more important than ever before. The origin of the word logistics can be a bit of a mystery if you search through the history books. Exactly where and when the term was first used is a matter of controversy. Though there are several theories, most people believe that it was invented in France.

International logistics truck drivers

There are two types of truck drivers – over the road, and regional drivers. Truck drivers known as OTR are in charge of moving cargo across the country, even across the international borders. The next few days or weeks would be spent travelling as soon as they left the logistics facility. On the other hand, regional truck drivers finish their shift on time and stay on the road for a few hours, according to the regional freight vehicle laws.
Regional truckers are mainly appointed for interstate cargo shipments. If they leave in the middle of the night, they will have to finish their shift by the morning or afternoon. Often, OTR truck drivers travel beyond the national border. For this, they must have a proper license, insurance, and permit.

There are vacancies for truck drivers

It is impossible to imagine a world of logistics without transportation. If the global trucking industry fails, a substantial number of people will lose their jobs. When it comes to cargo shipment and global logistics, trucks are the most cost-effective option. Despite the fact, there is a critical shortage of drivers in the industry. As a result, the global logistics and shipment industry is having a hard time keeping up with demand.

The average age of the current workforce is a major concern. The typical age of a truck driver is 47. As a result, there are not many young and energetic, qualified candidates for entry-level positions in this industry. As a trucking company owner, you will need to find the ideal employees for the job. Those with previous experience are valued the most.

The inclusion of bar codes in the logistics Sector

Barcodes have long been used in retail. However, did you know that they were also used to label railcars? A railroad in Maine (in the USA) was looking for a way to keep track of all of its railcars in 1961. It is why the railroad tested a barcode system on its railcars, each with a unique number and barcode, in order to automate the process. Rail-side scanners were used to capture these images. We thank them for all the hard work they put in each day. Their value to the global economy is growing by the day, and we cannot do without them.

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Global logistics and our daily lives

Look around you. Do you know where your everyday products were manufactured? Your clothes, your living room decor accessories, your kitchen appliances, and even your laptop, they all came to you by a mean of transport. This area is essential for society and strategic in most companies. Among any other form of transportations, trucking is most reliable, affordable, and easy to navigate. Hundreds of Thousands of businesses freight thousands of products to thousands of places every single day. A world without the transportation sector would be unimaginable. Therefore, there are many curiosities about the logistics and transport system.


Trucks can haul more freight in logistics

Please note that trucking is responsible for moving all kinds of goods between locations. Interestingly, this method of transportation delivers 70 percent of all products. According to several studies published, global logistics largely depends on trucking. Trucking accounts for a sizable portion of the Canadian economy, yet most people are unaware of this fact. Numerous people will be left jobless if the trucking sector collapses. Truck transportation is affordable, and reaches easily to any corner where other means cannot.
There are others means available, such as rail, air cargo, or ship. Trucking, on the other hand, is capable of transporting far more weight. Because of this, trucking has become more important than ever before. Regardless of where you go in the county, you will find folks diving headlong into this business. The fun fact is that you can deliver any type of cargo in a truck, such as toxic materials, inflammable, liquids, giant machines, airplane parts, military grade weapons and vehicles, and much more. Unlike other means, there are no restrictions.

Canadian logistics copes with international demands


Canada's immigration department is attempting to recruit foreign drivers to help alleviate the scarcity of driver deficit. The trucking business in Canada is having difficulty retaining employees. Cost of living increases in Canada have not kept pace with salaries. However, the pay scale has significantly improved in recent times, especially after the pandemic.

The Canadian trucking business had a high turnover rate in 2021 fiscal year. If you are an experienced truck driver, have a valid license, and understand the value of time, a great career is waiting for you. If you are new to this sector, you can also apply for truck driver jobs in Canada. However, you must have a valid license.

Logistics in Canada is not always easy

Canadian winters and some of the country's harsh topography, especially in the highlands, make drivers anxious to operate their truck. However, routes to these territories pay a handsome amount to you. Truck driving in Canada is no longer as tempting as it was a few years ago because of the current dearth of skilled truck drivers, the low pay, the severe rules and regulations, and the packed roadways on important routes. Nevertheless, the situation is keep changing to better days. Truck driving can still be an appealing career path if a driver joins a company that offers competitive salary and benefits.

Global logistics contributes largely to the economy

Small trucking companies around the world account for the vast majority of the industry. A typical big rig can carry 80,000 pounds (ca. 36 t) of cargo at once. Trucking is one of the few industries that Canadians take for granted. Approximately 3.6 million truckers transport nearly 70% of the country's freight cargo. Our economy would slowly stop without the trucking industry.

More than 6 million people work in the transportation business, which is estimated to be worth $580 billion. This vital industry has an impact on nearly every aspect of Canadian business, making it a pillar of our nation's economy. We would run out of food in 72 hours, run out of gas in 48 hours, and have empty ATMs in minutes if we did not have this vital mode of transport.

The logistics industry is dedicated to a sustainable future

Even before Covid-19 came along, customers were becoming more mindful of what they were consuming, and that the influence it had on the environment, whether it was as a product or the method in which it was distributed. The number of customers that favor ecologically friendly products, services, packing and shipping techniques is astoundingly high.
Keeping this in mind, we can say that trucking shipment is the most useful in terms of affordability, sustainability (thanks to the Canadian vehicle and pollution laws), and time management. This industry creates at least 250,000 new positions each year within Canada. As a result, it is one of the most prosperous and rewarding fields in which to work. Shippers in Canada believe that communication, flexibility, and openness are the most important characteristics for a successful cooperation.

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In the end

Throughout the article, we know 10 surprising facts about global logistics and trucking in Canada. Global logistics is a fast-paced, ever-changing sector that is always looking for new ways to improve. Before hiring the services, we recommend reading the full contract. The logistics company must include each detail. There must be no hidden terms and conditions. The world of logistics is full of surprises. If you want to learn more about logistics and trucking at Canadian and global scale, there are plenty of well-informed website about it.


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