DHL vs FedEx

FedEx vs DHL: Which one is the best for international shipping?

Are you looking for a reliable international shipping company, but not sure which one to choose between FedEx and DHL? In this article, we'll compare the two giants and help you determine which one is the best for your needs. We'll cover factors such as shipping rates, delivery times, and customer service, so you can make an informed decision.

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What’s the difference between FedEx and DHL?

Are you curious about the differences between FedEx and DHL, two of the most popular shipping companies in the world? Read on to discover the unique features and services that set them apart.

Pros & Cons of FedEx

Pros of FedEx:

  •  FedEx offers reliable insurance coverage for your packages, giving you peace of mind when shipping valuable items
  •  Additionally, FedEx offers discounts ranging from six to 20 percent, making it an affordable option for frequent shippers
  •  The courier's tracking number system is highly effective, allowing you to track your package every step of the way
  •  If you prefer in-person service, FedEx has plenty of locations to choose from, and they can ship packages weighing up to 150 lbs
  •  If you need a package delivered over the weekend, FedEx also offers that option

Cons of FedEx:

  • FedEx has fewer pick-up and drop-off locations compared to some of its competitors, which can make it inconvenient if you don't live near one
  • Customers are charged pick-up fees for one-time shipments, and pick-ups are service-based
  • FedEx also has a limited selection of free packaging, which can add to the overall cost of shipping
  • While FedEx may have generally higher shipping rates than some of its competitors, the reliability and quality of service they provide make it worth considering for your shipping needs

Pros & Cons of DHL 

Pros of DHL:

  • Extensive global reach, with a presence in over 220 countries
  • Offers both air and sea delivery services
  • Provides convenient door-to-door delivery without any pickup fees
  • Offers an international help desk to assist customers with any questions or concerns
  • Has a specialized eCommerce service for online merchants

Cons of DHL:

  • Relatively limited presence in the United States compared to other couriers
  • Occasional extra charges or surcharges may apply

Overall, while there are some potential drawbacks to using DHL, it can still be a reliable and convenient shipping option for international and domestic deliveries. It's important to weigh the pros and cons carefully to determine if it's the best choice for your specific needs.


Comparison of the services provided by FedEx and DHL 

When it comes to shipping and logistics, FedEx and DHL are two of the biggest players in the industry, but which is the best choice for your needs? In this paragraph, we will compare the services provided by the two companies, so that you can make an informed decision on which to choose.

DHL Services

logo DHL

  • Convenient and reliable shipping for domestic and international deliveries
  • Comprehensive packing guide available
  • Next-day delivery options available for national shipments:
  • Express 9:00 for packages up to 30 kg
  • Express 12:00 for packages up to 70 kg
  • Express Domestic, Envelope, and Easy for packages up to 70 kg, 300 g, and 25 kg respectively
  • Same-day and 1-3 day delivery options available for less urgent shipments
  • Tailored transport solutions available for specific sectors, including:
  • Medical Express for temperature-controlled medical shipments
  • Shipping for wines and spirits
  • BreakBulk service available to assist in managing export and import processes

FedEx Services

logo FedEx

  • FedEx offers transportation solutions for businesses and individuals in France, Europe, and worldwide
  • To access FedEx delivery services, create an account to obtain personalized rates, discounts, free access to shipping supplies and packaging, and the ability to manage your shipments
  • For national shipments, packages weighing up to 68 kg are delivered the next day in France with FedEx Priority Overnight. Other options are available for packages up to 800 kg, including delivery before 1 pm with FedEx Optimum, delivery before 8 am with FedEx Night, and delivery within a chosen time frame with FedEx Scheduled
  • For less urgent deliveries, FedEx International Economy and FedEx International Economy Freight options allow you to ship packages up to 1,000 kg in reliable time frames
  • FedEx provides access to online documents and tools, including the Fedex Global Trade Manager, to ensure that your shipments comply with customs rules
  • Customers can track their FedEx shipments at any time using the tracking number via the website or the FedEx mobile application
  • FedEx InSight allows you to receive email alerts in case of delays

FedEx vs DHL: Which one has the best shipping rates?

DHL vs FedEx domestic shipping in the USA

Shipping service Price Delivery time
DHL Domestic Express US $146.79 1 working day
FedEx Overnight US $79.83 1 working day
FedEx 2Day US $40.36 2 working days
FedEx Express Saver US $34.84 3 working days

Overall, FedEx offers more affordable options for domestic shipping in the USA, with a range of delivery times to choose from. DHL's domestic express service is the fastest option, but it comes with a premium price tag.

DHL vs FedEx international shipping from China to the UK

Note: The prices mentioned here are for informational purposes only and may vary based on various factors such as package dimensions, destination, and shipping options.

Carrier Service Transit Time Package Weight Shipping Cost
DHL Express 3-5 business days 1 kg $55.45
DHL Express 3-5 business days 5 kg $95.95
DHL Express 3-5 business days 10 kg $150.45
FedEx International Priority 2-4 business days 1 kg $43.47
FedEx International Priority 2-4 business days 5 kg $80.91
FedEx International Priority 2-4 business days 10 kg $129.19

- For packages weighing up to 2 kg, FedEx International Economy offers lower rates than DHL Express.

- However, for packages weighing over 2 kg, DHL Express becomes more cost-effective than FedEx International Economy.

DHL vs FedEx international shipping from the UK to the USA 

Compare the prices for shipping a 2 kg (4.5lbs) package internationally with DHL or FedEx

Shipping service Price Delivery time
DHL Express Worldwide £46.05 2 working days
FedEx International Priority £100.13 2 working days
FedEx International Economy £93.32 5 working days

Overall, DHL is the most cost-effective option for international shipping of a 2 kg package, while FedEx offers a more expensive but potentially more reliable service. It's important to consider your budget and delivery time needs when choosing between these two carriers.

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DHL vs FedEx: Which has better customer service?

When it comes to customer service, both DHL and FedEx are known for their commitment to quality and reliability. According to customer reviews and ratings from various sources, both companies offer a high level of customer service.

DHL has received positive ratings for its customer service from various rating bodies. For example, on Trustpilot, DHL has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars based on over 27,000 reviews. Customers have praised DHL for its timely delivery, efficient tracking system, and friendly customer service representatives. However, there are also some negative reviews, citing issues with delivery delays and poor communication.

On the other hand, FedEx also has a reputation for good customer service. It has a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot based on over 17,000 reviews. Customers have praised FedEx for its fast and reliable delivery, easy tracking system, and helpful customer service. However, like DHL, there are also some negative reviews citing issues with delivery delays and unhelpful customer service representatives.

Overall, both DHL and FedEx have a good reputation for customer service. While there may be some negative reviews, both companies are generally reliable and efficient in their operations. Ultimately, the choice between the two will depend on personal preference and individual needs.

FedEx vs DHL: Which one delivers faster?

When it comes to delivery speed:

  • DHL and FedEx are well-known for their fast and reliable services.
  • The exact delivery time may vary depending on the shipment's origin, destination, and the selected shipping option.
  • DHL Express offers next-day delivery to many international destinations with their Urgent options, such as Express 9:00 and Express 12:00.
  • FedEx offers similar services with their FedEx International Priority and FedEx International First options.
  • Both companies also offer same-day delivery services for urgent shipments


  • Both DHL and FedEx have a strong commitment to delivering fast and reliable services while providing excellent customer support
  • The best option for you will depend on your specific needs and requirements, such as shipping destination, package size, and urgency

DHL vs FedEx: Why not a better option?

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