Alibaba Alternatives: 10+ B2B Sites Like Alibaba to Source

Alibaba Alternatives: 10+ B2B Sites Like Alibaba to Source

The category of E-commerce in which transaction befalls between two businesses, for instance; wholesalers and retailers do business together, is called B2B or business to business. Each corporation profits similarly through the utmost B2B models. They might naturally have a similar privilege. B2B E-commerce can yield a diverse shape.

B2B e-commerce marketplaces GMV worldwide 2019-2020

The gross merchandise volume (GMV) of B2B e-commerce transactions in 2019 attained through markets amounted to approximately 22.56 U.S. dollars. The value has upsurged in 2020.

Global GMV-image

The intimidating task is to find the best sources to purchase your product and make long-term ties with potential B2B sites. A lot of businesses might not have convenience or safety to make sure the security of their clients. Nonetheless, few have been notorious for the provision of the best services, one of them being Alibaba.




  • Alibaba is a B2B (business-to-business) eCommerce store. 
  • Started in 1999 in China. Well known for exporting some of the best wholesale products from Chinese suppliers to diverse businesses in the United States. 
  • By now it is used by billions of business owners and suppliers, standing as one of the largest B2B eCommerce stores around the world.
  • It is no wonder to say that it is the first priority everyone picks when it comes to looking for nice products and supplies at affordable prices.

In search of Substitutes

  • It is noteworthy that whenever you are thinking to opt for any of the B2B marketplaces, you must conduct depth examination of their business procedures and how reliable their company is. In case you hunt for much improved products and authentic services, you will have to start observing for substitutes that have alike yet improved business procedures to Alibaba.
  • A lot of B2B companies have exploded up over the years and are fastening their acceptance across the globe progressively over the years. Alibaba is an admirable explanation to import products from China – you have admittance to thousands of suppliers who can produce nearly every product that is present.
  • Luckily, fact that Alibaba is not the utmost perfect eCommerce platform out there, many other organizations have started up in expectations of satisfying the gaps left by this platform. Exceeding the status that Alibaba has assembled up over the years has not been easy. But what if there are Alibaba substitutes that are healthier for your business? Substitutes with added high-quality suppliers? Or substitutes with additional local suppliers?

In this article, we are giving a gist of the various platforms that can be used as a substitute for Alibaba.

  • E-WorldTrade 


EWorldTrade, is well-thought-out as a B2B e-commerce giant, is not based in Europe, but its saturation of the online B2B sector has given it a noteworthy presence throughout the continent. eWorldTrade was founded ten years ago, and its emergence and success have been largely attributed to its capacity to provide a functional marketplace where buyers not only meet sellers but also develop a mutually beneficial connection.

E-WorldTrade is keen on establishing a grip in European markets, as it is in Asia and Pacific and South Asian countries, and has seized on the market potential there. eWorldTrade continues to be a popular platform for European customers since it offers a diverse range of products that cater to their needs.

  • GlobalSources


GlobalSources, Alibaba's most prominent competitor, operates similarly. The site is totally in English, and manufacturers from all around the world can be found there. There is, yet, a distinction between Alibaba and Global Sources. Since the admittance criteria are tighter, you can locate more legitimate manufacturers on Global Sources rather than so-called “Trading Companies.” as prices for all products are not displayed, you may need to contact a supplier to obtain them. Remember that Alibaba's prices are frequently wrong.

  • AliExpress


AliExpress, like eBay, works with Chinese vendors and sells its products to buyers across the globe. Indeed, they have just opened their first-ever physical European retail store at Xanadu, one of Europe's largest and most popular shopping malls.

One of the main features of AliExpress is that they provide modest wholesale products and individual items to their customers, which is prodigious because it consents you to try out their services with a little order or sell nearby. As a result, it may be beneficial to suppliers who are just starting out or need to sell small amounts of goods.

  • DealExtreme 


DealExtreme (also known as DX), a senior B2B platform that has been around for over 14 years, is one of the top platforms for global suppliers who sell hundreds of products from various categories, including power supplies, sports goods, hobby items, and much more. And as a firm that has been selling high-quality products online for over a decade, they have earned the trust of its pleased customers.

  • SeeBiz


SeeBiz is a USA-based wholesale marketplace and business networking platform that connects manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers. Here, vendors can interact with one another to do business directly without the interference of any middleman. Unlike the average wholesale marketplace, it has 10 major industries including food, apparel, health, beauty, and many more. Each of its industries has products sorted into different categories and further subcategories. It features over 650,000 products from 1000+ verified vendors. Sellers can sign up, upload the products, and directly connect with retailers and other wholesale businesses. SeeBiz has a unique feature known as Group Pricing. This allows a seller to make different price groups and add connections to them based on relationship and purchase history. These different groups will only see the specific price you set for them. Moreover, being on SeeBiz means free advertising as it features a lot of vendors in its blogs and social media posts. Since you will have access to an entire network of vendors, you can easily stay up to date on the latest deals and products. So sign up on SeeBiz for free and see your business grow!

  • ImportExpress


Import Express is a B2B platform that allows you to shop for Amazon FBA and drop shipping. It covers a wide range of subjects. They are, however, less popular than those found on larger marketplaces like Alibaba. You may come across categories that are either completely empty or have very few items.

Another issue you may have on the site is the lack of openness in supplier information. Filling out a submission form allows you to contact a seller directly.

  • ECVV-7


ECVV is an online marketplace with a smaller selection, albeit its categories don't always contain the same things. You can quickly research fresh ideas and prospects in less saturated marketplaces. This is due to the fact that you do not spend a lot of time scrolling through pages and pages of similar or identical things.

  • SeekPart 


SeekPart is an online B2B platform that focuses on mechanical parts. This is an excellent site to find various components for your production needs. It is considered best for principally B2B sales services.

  • is an online B2B platform with numerous European providers. For most regions, the corporation provides several subdomains, making it easier to explore the marketplace. You can also select from a number of different currencies.

  • JD. Com is a well-known e-commerce company that helps and permits trustworthy third-party dealers to sell and deliver their products straight to customers via an online platform on their website and mobile apps. They've also given the go-light for their European expansion in Limburg, where specialists have already set up shop in an 18,000-square-metre distribution center.

  • DHGate


DHGate not only resembles Alibaba in appearance, but it also functions similarly. There are products of all categories on the marketplace, and the prices are comparable to those on Alibaba. Suppliers can also be contacted and bargained with.



The HKTDC joins Hong Kong businesses with purchasers from Asia, the Chinese mainland, and beyond using a link of 50 offices across the world. This website is owned by an association encouraging businesses in Hong Kong. HKTDC inclines both customer products and B2B services.

  • Wonnda

wonnda logo

Wonnda has for mission to build a digital private label ecosystem in Europe, which enables the next generation of consumer brands to source, launch & scale consumer products from a trusted network of best-in-class European manufacturers. On top of its marketplace, Wonnda built a collaboration tool that brings all project participants onto a central platform and thus makes processes more transparent, faster, and more efficient.
Wonnda is a central hub for discovering top suppliers, purchasing samples, tracking your projects and monitoring the progress of your production through it project collaboration feature. The main product categories are cosmetics, supplements, fashion accessories, pet care, home & living as well as food & beverage.

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Ending Point

Alibaba frequently fascinates a lot of trading corporations and distributors, and many of them are not sincere about that. Moreover, the utmost of your business contenders is probably purchasing their products from this place, which would mean that both of you will have identical products. This must have to notice that some well-known contractors consciously avoid Alibaba and might look for clients with a nicer class.

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