List Of B2B Industries for Distributors & Suppliers In 2023

List of B2B Industries for Distributors & Suppliers In 2023

For increased exposure and lead generation purposes, more and more manufacturers and wholesalers are ensuring their presence on the top B2B marketplaces so they can connect with businesses and individuals all around the world.

Technology has changed the ways for buyers and sellers to buy and sell. Moreover, online procurement increased significantly after the COVID-19 pandemic due to store closures and travel restrictions, as well as increased time spent online. This is why various brands tried to provide their services online for the very first time and lead them to generate outsanding growth.

Discover the top 10 b2b marketplace for suppliers and manufacturers in Asia and beyond.

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eworldtrade logo

It is one of the most famous platforms that provided trading opportunities to many distributors and suppliers online. It is one of these platforms that allows bulk ordering. All the products featured on the site ate of high quality. The site has all the advanced features that made the experience of the visitors worth it. eWorldTrade gas has 5 million subscribers from different parts of the world. Moreover, it provides free 10 leads to anyone who signs up on the platform. Various payment options are provided to all the users. There are 0 different categories that t a customer can choose products from. It has operational units in different parts of the world. There is an operational unit in Pakistan that provides immense benefit to the CPEC project. CPEC is a treading project between Pakistan and China and eWorldTrade has benefited the project by providing products needed by them. 

All the small and medium-sized businesses are present on eWorldTrade and take advantage of this huge platform that is going at a fast pace.



Alibaba is known around the world as one of the biggest b2b platforms. It offers products at affordable prices. China is a big name when it comes to the manufacturing of products. Alibaba is a Chinese platform that offers products from different categories. It makes all the buyers and suppliers meet each other. The site is easy to navigate and offers great features to make the experience of the user’s worth it. Many buyers of Alibaba belong to Russia, UkList of B2B Industries for Distributors & Suppliers In 2023, China and Germany. There is a great list of buyers and sellers that include 190 million buyers and 60 billion sellers. The categories include clothes, furniture, crockery, electronics and gaming, accessories, etc.

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Global Sources

With 1.9 million buyers, Global Sources is one of the biggest b2b platforms. Global Sources connects buyers and sellers from the world by holding trade exhibitions and bringing them face to face. This gives them a huge opportunity to connect with buyers from the world. It provides authentic service to all the traders by letting the buyers and sellers adhere to their trading policies. This is why it generated a revenue of 231.7 million. Global sources believe in providing quality services to its platform. This is why policies for authentic trading are adopted. The navigation on their site is very easy as it offers filters that make the product finding process easy.




IndiaMart is a prominent b2b platform that connects various buyers and sellers from the world. It features 3 million suppliers that belong to different parts of the world. IndiaMart got 10 million downloads with a 4.7 rating on Android. The platform has 200 employees and is regarded as the second largest b2b platform after Alibaba.

Ali Express


Ali express is a subsidiary of Alibaba and is found to be the 10 most famous site in Brazil. It extends its services in many different languages used around the world. The services are provided in French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Chinese, Polish, Spanish, Russian, and English. The platform provides an ease to all its customers by giving them no limit to shop. A single item can also be bought because there is no limit. It features authentic buyers and sellers. This makes it reliable because it verifies all its traders by making them submit their documents for verification. Different shipping packages are provided. Premium and normal shipping is offered. Premium shipping is offered for delivery within 3-10 days. is a Chinese platform that is famous for its authentic services. It not only offers services in the Chinese language but in other languages too. These languages include Russian, German, English, Italian, and French. The number of buyers and sellers on the platform re 36.4 million. The website features 40 million products. Almost 1.2 million buyers and sellers are present on the platform. They belong to 2o countries of the world. Reviews are up on the site to make the buying decision of the customer easy. They can check these reviews before availing of services.

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ECPlaza is also an old and prominent name in the ib2b industry. It is present since 1996 that has worked hard to achieve the status of being the top trader. Almost 400000 members are using the website of ECPlaza. The most incredible thing to know about the platform is that it posts 40000 offers on the website each day. ECPlaza is ranked among good websites on different ranking sites like Alexa. It has made international trade easy by providing a reliable, credible, and authentic platform.




eBay offers reliable services buyers and sellers all over the world. All the small and medium-sized businesses can showcase their product and services a sit is available to 190 markets in the world. eBay has 147 million buyers from all over the world. And the number of sellers is 17 million. It uses advanced features like natural language processing, computer vision, artificial intelligence, and machine translation. It is growing day by day and has gained customer loyalty. It is regarded as the 8th best work pace on Indeed. The employers at eBay are ranked as the top 10% of best world employers by Forbes. It also has the honor of most responsible companies by Newsweek. It has received the Corporate Philanthropy Award from Silicon Valley Business Journal. eBay has created a dedicated and scalable data migration system. This has improved the quality of staging data.



Made-in-China is a one-stop solution for traders from China and other parts of the world. It provides a platform to connect. The website has more than 60 million suppliers that are registered. The number of registered buyers is more than 14000000. I feature many products and have information on 40 million pieces. It is a highly reliable platform as it also allows buyers to check the Audit Reports online. The product category is very big with 27 product categories and 3600 subcategories. The services on the online website are available in 11 languages. Moreover, it offers a friendly user interface. Made-in-China also supports VR and 360-degree panoramic view features. The popularity of the site can be understood by the fact that it gets 10 million pages to view every day. Filters are available on the site that makes the search easy.




Ec21 connects traders from all over the world. This b2b portal serves as an important trade tool for all buyers and sellers. The website offers advanced features to provide ease to all the users on the site. One such feature is called Buyer central which helps the buyer in finding their favorite product easily. By providing details about any specification or requirement, a product can be searched. EC21 has 5 million buyers from all over the world. The b2b platform offers various membership services to the suppliers. It can be used to create homepages. The number of product list is 3000. The headquarter of this b2b platform is located in Korea. Their sales offices are located in India, Italy, China, Vietnam, and Pakistan.



Nowadays business is interested in featuring themselves on famous b2b platforms. They provide easy trading opportunities that can be availed from the comfort of their own country. The traveling time and other factors have been neglected after the availability of online business. All the small and medium-sized businesses are taking advantage of b2b platforms. IT is providing international trade opportunities to all of them. There is no fear of authenticity.


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